Amie Penwell is "Unstoppable" With New Bold New Video

Amie Penwell is an artist you need to put on your radar now. Premiering with us today her new video for “Unstoppable,” the song is taken from her upcoming release, "Windows," out November 6, to the delight of our ears. On the track Penwell’s vocals are heavenly as they float above a stunning bed of instrumentation. Her voice is powerful as it shares the message of the relatable to most audiences in modern day society.


Penwell shares of the track:

“Unstoppable was born out of the sheer powerlessness and desperation that, I and my community were/are feeling during this relentless shit storm of brutality, stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance that swept over our country in 2016 . Love and light are fierce , unstoppable forces. Ones that grow us instead of divide us. I trust them. It was the last song to come, one I didn’t want to sing, but the one I most needed to. It became medicine.”


With the help of collaborator Drew Pearce, and engineer, producer and multi-instrtumentalist, Gawain Matthews (guitar, bass & organ), she sings her heart out regarding women standing in unison to face the challenges of the world. Her message is as bold as the song itself, as her talent for translating  a story and message shines through. With stunning elements of Rock-Filled-Soul, she adds in dashes of Alt-Country into the mix that brings a track that will stand the test of time. Amie Penwell is an artist to watch for 2018, and we're intrigued to hear more of the buzzworthy artist who is creating music on her own terms. "Unstoppable" is out now.



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