Announcing No Depression's Return to Print

That is AMAZING. Great news. I've already signed up for Kickstarter. Do I get our re-debut issue? Let's hope it's available. That's a collectors item...Thanks for thinking " outside the net". Ed Malachowski

Thanks Ed! And yes, if you spend $20 or more at our Kickstarter, you'll automatically get a copy of this issue in September.

I love this!!  I went right to Kickstarter and pledged.  Good luck with this; can't wait to hold ND in my hands!

Yes, we're all super stoked! By the way, if you want to help us get the word out (so this actually happens), we've gone some nifty links and photos you can use here You can also just share what we're sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  Great news.

This seriously made my day. Good on all of you, Congrats indeed. Viva La Print!

Awesome. So happy to hear this. Kudos.

Fantastic news - can't wait! 


great news, folks. 

Great news.  Backed!

This is great news, will be looking for a copy in Barnes and Noble!!!!!

                    Jim Moulton

Thanks Jim! But we won't be distributing this to Barnes and Noble or any other store. The only way to get it is to pre-order via Kickstarter or, when that's over (and if there are any left), direct from our website.

Congratulations and good luck.  Very exciting!

Great News..


but what does this mean for us contributing writers? 

Do we keep posting online ? Who decides what content goes to print? surely our online material will diminish in value. My posts on ND have been so helpful to my writing carreer,, thanks so much.. but if our pages expire or are viewed as less pertinant than the printed eddition. why should we continue to contribute ? and especailly without being paid? 

All good questions, thanks Rick!

To be clear, we are going back into print, committed to one magazine per year. It's an awesome magazine and we're putting a lot of energy into it, but that doesn't mean that is going away or will be diminished at all. Since the mag is annual, it's a great place for us to dig very deeply into a handful of artists, projects, and other stories. But, all the album reviews, show reviews, weekly columns, community, and other more timely things will continue to exist here on ND just like they do now.

The changes to the website that I alluded to in this post are going to be described in more detail when we're ready to unveil them, but they are mostly aimed at making this easier to navigate, making columns/columnists easier to find and follow, giving featured content more time and room to be featured and gain attention, etc. It's a boost more than anything, and I think it will increase the value of the content that people are posting here, not the opposite.

This refactoring also takes into account much of the suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc., that have been voiced here on this site since we launched it last summer. Suffice to say that we aren't shifting our focus away from the web and into print -- instead, we're just refocusing as a magazine that has a robust and lively web community full of smart and insightful contributors whose work will get more visibility, not less.

Great ! thanks ! 


I loved your publication and looked forward to every issue.  However, respectfully, I had just paid up for a two year print subscription when you abruptly discontinued it and didn't offer any kind of credit or refund, so I can't get excited about finding a kickstarter campaign.  I don't begrudge you going electronic...I get it.  But ouch.

Bummer that that happened to you, Skrewd, but I think it must have been an isolated case. When they pulled the plug on print in 2008, I remember getting a letter saying they'd make good on the rest of my subscription (which I'd just renewed) by sending me Paste. When I told them I already subscribed to Paste, they sent me American Songwriter instead.

I got a couple issues of Paste, which I really didn't care for. I would have much preferred a monetary refund or a tee shirt....

So how, if at all, will this differ from the 2 or 3 "bookazines" that came out after the mag stopped? Regardless, this is mighty exciting!

It will be similar but also very different. It's a hard thing to describe the difference in look and feel, but there is a difference. We'll be sharing more elements as the Kickstarter campaign rolls forward, and I reckon you'll start to see the difference.

I intend to support this, I think print is a good complement to online.

I'd be happier, though, if you didn't require direct credit card payment.  Paypal, anyone?


Hi Ron, I'm going to repeat my reply from when you emailed me about this, just so everyone undertands: "We don't actually have any control over that. The payment system is set up by Kickstarter and it’s called Stripe. You can read more about that here: I know that Stripe is reputable as well." We do hope that you choose to support us!

A lovely way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary, and I really like that you're doing it via Kickstarter. Given the amount of views already on this announcement in less than a day, it will be a pretty easy feat to hit that $40,000 goal. I can hardly wait for it to arrive in my mailbox, and knowing that Kim and others has been working on this for quite some time, it will undoubtedly have the same quality of writing that we all loved back in the day. 

I'm also glad to hear about the enhancements to the website that are coming up. Whie I personally prefer reading words on paper rather than on a screen, this isnt 1995 and for No Depression to remain vital it needs to have a kick ass platform to both support the content you've been attracting and foster greater community engagement. Many folks have offered great ideas and suggestions over the past several months; hopefully their voices have been heard. 

There's one more thing I'd like to just mention before I sign off and begin working on this week's Broadside column.

While I've known about this return to print concept for about a month, it was told to me in confidence and it never was shared. Being a natural born gossip, it was hard to hold in; but I recognized that it was No Depression's story to tell. Plans were made to launch this in a particular way on a particular date. So it was sad to see that the news first broke on Twitter today from another roots music website, which left Kim no choice but to post this article a day early. I guess it speaks to both the medium and the nature of how quickly news travels these days...but keeping it buttoned up just one more day would seem to have been a bit more neighborly. 

With that, I'm off to Kickstarter to pledge my money and reserve my copy. I tip my hat to Chris and Kim and everybody at No Depression for pulling this off. 


Regarding that leak: you said a mouthful, Ed. I'd just done dropping my boy off at preschool and was looking forward to tidying up the launch preparations - the newsletter, the onsite ad, etc. - when I got the phone call. We did indeed accelerate the launch, which made for an eventful day. The leak was an innocent mistake, though, from what I heard. Your kind wishes are, as usual, much appreciated.

well, information wants to be free, as they say. meanwhile, by last count (probably outdated by the time this is posted), you have $13,259 in the kitty. not bad for a maiden effort..take the summer off, y'all...


Yahooooooo. Print! I'm in. What could be better?  Print with a flexi disc NoDepression insert!  Maybe next year!

Looking forward to this printed edition in September! Great way to celebrate 20 years! My wife and I also celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary [5/5/95/] on May 5, 2015.  

I would like to see a monthly publication of the magazine - but if once a year is all that happens - I will be grateful. 

It is great to have you back in print!

Scott M. Anderson [Windsor, New York]


Whoopie Doo!

Great idea and good luck with the project. You've got my $20 (plus the bit extra for UK postage). It's something to look forward to as autumn draws in.

YAY!! Such great news! As the site moves to print again, will you be looking at writers from the site to contribute?

I'm always looking for great writers from anywhere, who can sustain a solid narrative across thousands of words. Feel free to pitch me for online and print at kim at nodepression dot com.

It appears not everyone is thrilled, as this turned up on Facebook. The identity of the author should be clear.


A personal note about the Kickstarter campaign launched today by the present owners of the No Depression website about their plans for a print publication this fall:

Grant Alden and I co-founded No Depression in 1995 but have not been involved with it for many years. The present owners do have rights to relaunch in print.

I'm slightly concerned that language on their Kickstarter page might lead some to believe Grant and I are still connected -- i.e. "we're ready to get back to our own roots and return to print." Grant and I published a magazine for 13 years. The current owners have run the ND website for a year or so. This is their first foray into print, not a return to it.

Grant and I did sit for an interview about the magazine's history that is scheduled to appear in the publication. I might have been slightly less inclined to do so had I known they planned a Kickstarter campaign, though that's a minor point.

The larger point is simply that this print publication stands to be fundamentally different from the one Grant and I produced, since neither of us have any connection to it. It's possible some writers who worked with us are involved; I have no knowledge about that.

I do wish the current owners the best of luck with their print endeavor. It seemed important, to me, to clarify that it is a different animal from ND's print past, and not a continuation or revival of it. Thanks for listening.

I feel I should note that I've talked to Peter about this to make sure there aren't any actual hard feelings, and there aren't. He was concerned that our language didn't make it clear that he and Grant aren't involved in this beyond the interview they did, so I added a note to this article and our Kickstarter page to clarify exactly that. Indeed, there are quite a lot of people who still assume that Peter and Grant run this thing, and there are a lot of people who have no idea ND has continued to exist past 2008. That's nothing new, and we should be more clear about that for our long-time readers. It's something I've been hearing for all seven years that I've been working on ND in these various capacities, and I reckon there will always be people who wish they were still in charge. I learned long ago that nothing I can say will change that. Not that I would want to change it. I read the mag back in the day too (as did my current coworkers); I get it.

Worth noting, though, that he told me he feels the best place for ND is in print, but I don't think that's a surprise to anyone who ever read the magazine. And of course that's one of many points on which we absolutely agree.

I thought the ND "bookazines" were published after NoDepression was sold to Kyla.   Were Peter and Grant involved with those? 

The bookazines were indeed edited by Grant and Peter. There's an explanation about that in the interview Peter refers to, which will appear in the new magazine as an oral history of ND.

It's logical for No Depression to "return" to print as that is in fact what the new owners have modeled their foray into the web world after, that is a move toward non-interactive static content, and far less opportunity for discussion and community. However, I'm not sure one issue a year is going to constitiute a magazine in any sense of the word I understand; as Associate Editor of a national pubication we put out six issues (a bimonthly) and I'd say that's about the minimum allowed for that definition. I also come from both worlds having worked for Gannett, and Corporate pounded us with its vision regarding the difference between print and web, and perhaps that's why I see such a huge difference in these forms of publication. Good luck with the Kickstarter; from what I hear about printing and fulfillment costs these days you're going to need every penny. And you've already heard from me on the interactivity of this space, hope each medium can reach the potential of its purpose and intention. 

Many layers to your comment, Will, and they all ring true to me. Great post.

Hey, Will. Yes, this is a logical step - we have been increasing the focus on quality content since we launched this site last August, and we're excited to be able to bring this to print.

We talked a lot about what to call it, actually, and we thought bookazine just sounded dumb. "Large-format softcover book" doesn't really roll off the tongue, either. So we defaulted to magazine.

Although we are about 1/100,000th the size of Gannett, we will be attempting to use print for what print is good for (more in-depth articles, beautiful photo reproductions), and use the web for what the web is good for (community-contributed content, media, and community features.) While we will continue to maintain the focus on content rather than social networking (å la Ning), we will be introducing new features that will easily allow y'all to express your affinity for articles, videos, etc., as well as follow authors, artists, and more - and of course, we will continue to support community dialogue in the comments section of every piece of content we publish.

Hey yall - we just made an update to the Kickstarter campaign, including some excerpts from the mag. Check it out. Just a reminder that we won't be distributing this to any stores, so I'd suggest getting yours ordered via Kickstarter.

Happily sent a few bucks via Kickstarter just now, glad to see the total was already a little above the $40k goal.

Kudos to the ND gang for being willing to tackle this. Am sure they will do the original mag proud.

Jack - We want to thank you and everyone who helped get us over that $40k hump. We are beyond thrilled to be able to print what will hopefully be the first of many annual editions. Look for an update on Kickstarter in the next day or so with a another sneak peek at what we've been up to.