Through the Lens

Focusing on the finest roots music photography

Amos lives in West Virginia, where he works with Mountain Stage and takes stunning photographs of live music performances.

Through the Lens

Focusing on the finest roots music photography

Amos lives in West Virginia, where he works with Mountain Stage and takes stunning photographs of live music performances.

Another Baker's Dozen of Upcoming Roots Music Releases

One minor quibble: If you're going to count "Hickory Wind" as an official Emmylou live album, it's not her fourth. There have been a number of this sound board/radio broadcast recordings released on CD the last couple of years -- including "Cowboy Angel," which captures a 1975 concert, and another titled "Live in 1978." The sound on these recordings are just as you described: very hissy, not much range.

While I'm always happy to get new Emmylou product, the criteria for releasing these recordings is not that they're particularly noteworthy concerts, but just that the tape still exists. I'm also skeptical as to whether Emmylou, the musicians or the songwriters really get the royalties they deserve from these recordings.

Emmylou has been bootlegged to death, with good reason -- many of her fans were there at the beginning and adore her. While some of those have been commerciallly released, most are radio broadcasts that have been cobbled together to give the appearance of a single concert. I doubt that Ms. Harris or any member of her band had any input on their actual release. The current one seems to be the most complete and having heard her many times in the 1970s this one captures best what I remember. Yes, it is unlikely that the musicians will receive any additional payment. I surmised as much. However, as ASCAP and BMI are ferocious in collecting songwrting royalties, I expect they will get some dollars. And thank you for being an Emmylou Harris fan.

Great pics...that one with Charlie and Ira is something else...I've seen that Emmylou and Gram pic...nice stuff...

I love live records...glad for the imput Amos.

So last week I decided to write my essay about Scandinavian music that is my favorite. I like author’s words about casting a spell because Scandinavian music is always full for me not only with emotions but something magical and fantastic that I am always entranced with. For me there is nothing about near primitive in beguiling lyrics, guitar, and light but powerful voices.

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