Another Country: The Americana Chart Turns 20

Rob, thanks for writing this and more importantly for starting that Americana chart. What a story! xxoo

Rob, Isn't it about time that we tell the stories about the first two Gavin Americana Music Conferences held at Squam Lake and Lake Tahoe? Well, maybe not ALL of the stories. Just the ones fit for publication.  We can change some names to protect the innocent (or guilty).  If you were there, you know how epic both of these events were and how they set the stage for the present AMA. 

Hey Chuck! I say we put the wheels in motion for In The Pines 20 in 2017 back at Squam Lake! I'm ready to do it.

I enjoyed getting on the Americana wagon in '96. I think in my own weird mind it was to give Tim O'Brien a leg up, or "a home" as it has for him and others. My show (on KGLT-FM) and being a reporter for a period was a good feeling. Pretty much, however, after a time it seemed like it was a train that all the Already Famous wanted to ride, and so inch by inch the promo wagon seemed like what Americana was mostly about. But good music still abides, and I check the chart, and I thank Mr. Bleetstein, Grimson, and all the others for their creativity, guidance, and shared love for this music, whatever we call it down the road. And what a wonderful article, Rob! Thanks.

Rob: thanks for your pioneering initiative.  Is an archive of Gavin's Americana charts available to reference?

Really great article Rob. It's nice to hear the back story of how it went down and the mentions of valuable early suppoters like Jon, J.D., Tamara, Traci, Brad, Nan, Jessie, ND editors and so many more. The first "In The Pines" I went to was like a meeting of like-minded siblings who I didn't know I had! That feeling still exists for me at the AMA conferences, just a little larger. I still believe that terrestrial radio could be a viable venue for Americana, with the right people and the right market. Thanks for your continued passion and support, and for the name Americana!