Aoife O'Donovan's Crooked Road to Standing Alone

That is a good article on Aoife's wandering ways. One tiny correction:  The leader of Way faring Strangers is  Matt Glaser (not Gleason)    Artistic Director, American Roots Music Program at Berklee College of Music and a real touchstone of including folk forms in higher education. For decades, Matt has done as much as anyone to erode the walls separating bluegrass, jazz , classical and whatnot.  Also a demon fiddler and raconteur.  

Can't believe we missed that! But thanks for the catch -- it's fixed now.

Do the video links on this work for others?  I can't get them to play on my iPad.

You are right. There is something wrong with those videos. I'll see if I can re-add them. 

All fixed.