Ayron Jones Is The Next Generation Of Rock And Roll

The sophomore release from Seattle’s Ayron Jones has many buzzing today as it has finally been released. We got some Q&A time with Ayron this week so we could get more news on what is next from this startlingly impressive artist. 

Audio Paint Job is out today what are you hoping people hear when they get their copy?

I hope that when people get their copy that they hear the next generation of rock and roll. I tried to create an album that wouldn't be pigeonholed into just one thing and instead touched on a multitude of diverse musical taste inspired by the growing diversity of our planet and it's people. So it would make me proud if everyone had at least one song they loved.


Tell me what you most love about the Seattle music scene?

The Seattle music scene has an incredible sense of community and that's what I love the most. Artist aren't trying to cut each other's throats to get ahead, instead we work together in sharing knowledge and experience with the other artist in our community. The hope is help to put our peers in a better position for success. This is the "Seattle" way or as we like to call it, The "Seattle Movement."


Do you have a favorite track off the album? What about that track that makes it so special for you? 

If I had to choose, I'd say "Take Your Time" is my favorite. I think it has the potential to be a crossover hit that everyone can really get behind and relate to. 

The buzz around your live show is being heard all over the Internet what are people missing who haven’t seen “Audio Paint Job” live yet?

The biggest difference between a live show and an album is the same as dream versus physical reality. When you hear an album you are experiencing a painting without paint or pictures. Instead, it's up to the listener to create and interpret his or her own meanings to the music. When you see a live show it's all laid out in front of you. At that point it’s more about the physical experience rather than he mind's interpretation and I think that's the biggest difference for me. I wrote an album with the intention of getting inside the listener's mind. My live show is a separate but similar experience that is necessary to complete the big picture. In other words, the live show and the album are like Yin and Yang, you can 't have one without the other, so I encourage who listen to the album to see us live and vice versa. 


Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you?

I played on the same Ultimate Frisbee team as Sean "Sugar" Foreman of the group 3oh! 3 in Finland in 2004 for the world championships... True story. 


When not playing music what can we catch you doing?

Typically when I'm not playing music I'm relaxing or at least trying to. I used to be really into hitting up the clubs and live music. But as my career took off loud music and crowded spaces became less appealing. So I love being home and checking out what's going on at my local bar. 


What is next with Ayron Jones and this release; where is this new album going to take you?

Well, right now I'm negotiating some deals and making some big plans. It's looking more and more like this album will be the one that breaks for me. As far as where it takes me... Well I'll leave that to the fans to decide.