Brielle Von Hugel Performs Acoustic Empowering Ballad

Brielle performs at Sofar New York

“Naked” by Brielle Von Hugel is a powerful yet touching ballad that showcases a raw and natural orchestration. Brielle’s strong vocal melodies are coupled with an elaborate piano play. Her songwriting taps into the pure value of spirits being comfortable in their own skin and living freely without any insecurities and self-doubt. It shows the power of letting go from societal norms and pressures that tell you to look or act a certain way. Being naked is the philosophy of accepting your true authentic self with no remorse or resentment. The music video captures Hugel’s pain and insecurities hiding behind a mask only to reveal her natural being. 

The acoustic version has an authentic and improvised mood to the composition. Brielle exhibits her capacity to hit complicated vibratos throughout the entire performance. Brielle Von Hugel’s voice is commanding and empowering, similarly to the meaning of the song. Her ability to connect with others on stage through her genuine message and transcendent melodies is an aptitude that cannot be measured by A&Rs – Some artists simply have presence and charisma through performance arts and Hugel encapsulates that description. “Naked” manifests confidence, encouragement and acceptance of all shapes and sizes. Hugel expresses these beliefs through her superb songwriting, genuine musical ability and pure passion.