The Case for Stephen Kellogg: 1500 Words on the Best Songwriter You're Not Listening To

That is indeed quite a love letter and you might even be right. I recently (October) went to a show in Glasgow, the only real reason for doing so was that the wonderful Dawn Landes was first up; and then before the headline act (Gregory Alan Isakov, who was absolutely hopeless by the way) and after getting up first to do a duet with Dawn, SK produced an outstanding set. I'd never heard him (or of him) up to then but the songs were fabulous and it was obvious that I was in the vast minority of the audience by not knowing the words to all the songs.

Great report about an very underrated artist! Owe all his records and they are just fabulous ...! 


Holy F*ck! Good songs, thanks for the tip. Never heard of him but it feels like I've been listening to him my whole life.

No Depression is getting way too expensive for me! I have only been following for about 3 weeks and have added 9 CDs to my collection - all of them folks I had never heard of! Can't imagine what a year of following is going to bring. And yes Stephen Kellogg is one of them.

Right now I am listening to "Ancient Dreams" by Red June. OUTSTANDING!

Dear have hit upon a big problem with belonging to will hear about records every day that you will want to buy...big problem, but a good problem I guess...

Fine article...I'll be checking out Stephen Kellogg...

I couldn't agree more!

Glad I caught this before I spend that gift certificate. Hope my local Indy Record store is cool enough , and I think they just may be, to carry at least some of Mr. Kellogg's catalog.