Chords of Truth Release Ambitious New Single

No Depression favorite Chords of Truth share their new single with us “Freedom,” to the delight of our ears. The Americana-laced Folk act will resonate with the fans of Bob Dylan, The Band and Johnny Cash. Spearheaded by Jason Garriotte, Chords of Truth’s new single speaks volumes, as his unique display of music, shows his skills as a true artist.

"Freedom," shines with ambition throughout. With a sound that is equal parts distinct and familiar, Garriotte carries the piece like the musical force that he is. Touring throughout the United States on his extensive career, he brings his songs to the masses. "Freedom," is a song that is much needed in the political state of the world right now as well, as Gariotte shares an insightful view on the topic

As the year comes to an end, Chords of Truth’s “Freedom” puts the noteworthy act on the map.