Contest: Interview Old Crow Medicine Show and Win a Copy of Remedy

Thank you all for your responses. This contest is closed.

In addition to putting out albums and touring with the band, some of you have played outside of OCMS (Chance with JP Harris, Ketch and Critter together).  OCMS has also contributed songs to various on tribute albums.  After the current tour, what are your next plans?  

Will there be a shift in musical direction on your next album?  Have you started making plans for your next album?

 When you sing Wagon Wheel do you think about your mamas?

When you wrote with Bob Dylan did you meet any of the extraterestrials that influence his song writing?


I used to play your music on our local community radio station (WHYS) when I was a volunteer DJ. My wife was a big fan too and would listen for the line " say your name to God".  Do you miss the busking days overseas ?  It sounded like a free and easy time. 

What do you like better: creating new music in the studio or being on the road playing to live crowds?

I am aware that y'all have deep roots with Doc Watson & family. He has always been one of my top favorites, and my request for you is to elaborate for us: Would you mind sharing some stories (or even one good one) about your early days with Doc? Personally, I would be grateful & interested to hear how your initial meeting(s) with him happened, and what was/were the conversation(s) about. Finally, what did he teach you, as a band.

What's the plan on keeping seven guys working harmoniously together for the foreseeable future?

Describe your sound in four words starting with O, C, M, & S.

Now being a folk/Americana powerhouse yourselves and having so many artists that I'm sure look up to you and are influenced by your music, what contemporary groups or artists are your favorites?

I first heard you play at the MusicFest 'n Sugar Grove just outside Boone, filling afternoon time with other local bands until Doc appeared in the evening.  Could you identify specific things that would be missing from your approach to music if you hadn't met Doc Watson or had ended up in some university town down in the flatlands (like Athens GA) instead of Boone.

They are awesome ! I like there version best !

The roots of your music and sound run very deep in the traditions of country and Americana. That being said, one of the foundations of today's music is the Louvin Brothers. What is your favorite Louvin Brothers song and why?

What new artist(s) should everyone be listening to right now?

Although you toured as a 7-piece after your last album, Remedy is the first you’ve made together with this current line-up. How did the change in personnel alter the songwriting and recording process, and what, if anything, remained the same?

Please tell us what your time spent in Boone & around Doc Watson meant to your identity as a band.

If you played in a club displaying the sign "no wagon wheel" would you still play it?

Now that you have Bob Dylan's attention, what other legendary musician/musicians would you want to collaborate and experiment with and why?

I really enjoyed 'The Big Easy Express'... it recently aired on the dutch documentary channel and is still available on 'watch later'.. Would it be possible to do anything like that over here in Europe?

What are the top 3 venues that you've played, and why?

Willie Watson's impact on the sound and energy of OCMS was palpable and is an element missing in the music OCMS makes now, with no disrespect to Critter who has brought his own great talent back to OCMS. Could you foresee ever having Willie Watson join in on some musical performances with OCMS in future?

Who were and are the people who influence your music?

If you could meet and perform with a past individual musician or group, who would that be and why?

Your music, and especially your live shows, show a deep reverence for history - both musical and local (which has been very impressive on your swings through Kansas City).  How does a band so rooted in history keep inventing and innovating new, creative sounds? 

How does the folk music of today compare to the folk music of the period Dylan was doing Wagon Wheel Live on stage? And does the folk music of today have a focus on social importance of today for the newly generated songs?




I know you guys like baseball and my hometown Cardinals (see: "Caroline"). With an anemic offense and injuries to the starting pitching rotation, will the Cards make the playoffs this year? Will the Cubs ever make the playoffs? (couldn't resist)

Ill bet that Doc Watson would have loved "Doc's Day".  Some of my earliest musical experiences were going to bluegrass festivals in the early to mid 1970's - at the same time I was a big Dead Head as well at the same time. What were you listening to in your your early teens - what music formed your musical  sensibilities today?

Which cover version of "Wagon Wheel"do you like the most?

With all of the connections that you have as a part of the Opry, Bob Dylan connection, Avett Brothers and other Americana musicians; who, if anyone, are you most anxious to collaborate with??

Willie Watson was a big part of OCMS's sound and its live performances.  The band does not sound the same without him and I miss his not being in the band.  Given that drugs and the subject of drugs have played a large part of the history of OCMS's music and lifestyle, what is the down and dirty story on why Willie Watson is no longer with the band and can you envision his ever being a part of OCMS again? 

How did the Bob Dylan collaboration come about? He can be notoriously cranky and unapproachable. How did you smooth out the persona in order to get him to offer the gem of those lyrics? Were there any substantial changes to the lyrics?

If the doctors and scientists of the earth pooled their resources and developed a vaccine to stop the global spread of "Wagon Wheel," would you endorse it? If not, how about a vaccine to stop the spread of Darius Rucker?

I know you guys are focused on the olde-tyme genre--any thoughts on incorporating younger, far-reaching sounds like beat-box, into your compositions?

Looking back at your catalogue of seven albums, which SONG do you think is most likely to be used in a car commercial?

You've done some great covers in the past, like Tom Petty's "American Girl".  Where does the inspiration for picking a particular sont to cover come from?

With all the accomplishments thus far for OCMS -- the success of songs and records past, headlining The Grand Ole Opry, the AMA Trailblazer Award for 2013 (to name a few) -- what direction do you feel your headed as a band and what keep's the OCMS fire burning?