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Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Could Richard Thompson Have a Hit Single?

Are you sure that's about the Donald Ed?  Logan Pearsall Smith once said "the curse of being rich is that you have to live with other rich people" even his 17 friends and their wives aren't his friends...

Somehow I don't think that's a hit single, but I wouldn't mind if it were...


This seems to be getting traction today on social media...stranger things have happened Jim. Someone suggested on ND's Facebook page that the Dixie Chicks should open their shows with a cover of this. 

Hey, they ought to...I'm good with it...

I can think of an old Elton John song that could be resurrected for the Hag, and I don't mean Merle.  As for Richard Thompson, I always thought he had a single on his hands with Cooksferry Queen from from the otherwise uninspired Mock Tudor record. I agree with you, Ed, his live shows are excellent and he is entertaining between songs.

Yes he is...

We saw Thompson at the same concert. I was sad not to see him at the intimate courtyard venue due to the thunderstorm, but I brought binocs to watch his fingers play his guitar from our far-away seats. I still don’t get how all that rich sound comes out of just two instruments (his guitar and his voice).

Loved Thompson’s dry wit throughout the show, and the Fergus Laing song was especially good. I hope it goes viral! (In the above transcribed lyrics of the song, I think the 4th line should be "And sell it off in pieces.")

This post really made me question my memory if not my sanity. I have that CD but didn't remember a song that parodied Trump so I figured I must have been too dense to figure it out. So when I got home I got out my CD to play the song and discovered it isn't on my CD! Turns out I have the regular 12-cut CD not the deluxe 17 cut CD on which this song appears I assume. I was glad to discover I wasn't so dense after all but am pissed I didn't get the deluxe version for some mysterious reason since I usually do. (Perhaps the store didn't have it.) So now I need to buy that deluxe version to get this great song. Thanks for alerting me to this Ed. I thought I'd mention it so someone else doesn't make the same mistake.


Same here Dennis.  I love RT but I don't love these deluxe versions of albums. Don't get me started on "bonus tracks".   I don't think Still merits a repurchase to get the "bonus" EP.   And no EasyEd it won't ever be a hit's way too long at 4:36 according to some blogger I read.

Well Hal, you may want to reconsider. I forked out the extra money for the deluxe edition and I'm glad I did as all 5 songs are excellent. I noticed they were all produced by just Thompson and not Tweedy and featured a stripped down band. The "Fergus Laing" cut is especially sweet with what sounds like some great mandolin on it although the credits just list Thompson as playing guitar along with the rest of the band. Generally I agree with you Hal that the Deluxe Editions and bonus tracks usually aren't worth the extra money which may have guided my thinking when I originally bought this album but in this case I think it was worth it.

Thanks so much for this song, Ed. I hope it goes viral for the whole world. I've never seen Thompson live, or really studied his music either. My loss! So much music, so little time.....

I'm a long time fan, but rhyming "see um" w/ "museum" is not only bad wordplay but it has been used before!  Nonetheless, I agree with Ed-- get this song some widespread circulation!

Thompson's song Genesis Hall was the B side of Fairport Convention's 1969 (UK No 21) hit single Si Tu Dois Partir - their French version of Dylan's If You Gotta Go.

Anyone looking for a theme song for future President Groundhog Wig could od worse than this one. And he doesn't have to worry about licensing as the singer died some years ago.


But speaking of hits, and since some of the old folks (OldGrass?) are on this thread (maybe just call them The Fried Clam Strips), this from recent trip to Mass, The Salmon Run in Lee, MA, in the Berkshires.


Is that ginger ale?

Berkshire Brewing Co. Steel Rail, an OK brew.

Bless you Will. They look awesome. Yes...a few of us geriatrics are still hangin' on here. 

Hey I have contributed recently; after the weak review of Sturgill's latest, I contributed this:

Nice piece, Will (Cosmic? Cos?), flew right under my radar and looks like most everyone's if I was the 135th view.  Good to see you pop back in this week and with that April article.

Thanks. Yep, glad to see you guys still here. Their I.T. is still a mess, I'm seeing 316 views. Right, there is no way to see it unless I post the URL as it didn't even come up in order under "Community Reviews."

That's beautiful...and I'd love to be a member of the "fried clam strips"...

Oh you're already a member Jim.

Much appreciated Will..."Gang of 10" sounds good too...

I'd call the fried clams thing an inside joke, but pretty much all the commenters left here anymore are in on the joke.  Maybe we should be called the Gang of 10.

Geriatric, Ed?  Not. Yet.

Jack you still in Chicago? Ever go 90 miles north to the great city of Milwaukee? If so, join us a Linneman's Riverwest Inn for next month.


Yep.  And used to live in Milwaukee, went to UWM for a year, not far from your venue.  Will be in Milwaukee each of the two weekends preceding your show taking my son to/from camp, typically stop in at Conejito's for lunch on the way to or from. Think you'd appreciate Conejito's, neighborhood bar/restaurant with great cheap eats...tacos, burritos, (paper) plate lunches. 539 W. Virginia, corner of 6th and Virginia. Interesting distillery across the street. Give it a try.  Not sure I can make that show but maybe...

I just graduated to free travel in London but the valves are all still in working order; tend to think of collapse of the latter as the start of geriatric.  Looking forward to the day I can generate some fried clam strips on my 3D Printer...