Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week: Duane Allman, Bobby Osborne, and Jennifer Knapp

Duane Allman gets a vinyl retrospective in one of this week's featured crowdfunding campaigns. Photo by Ed Berman/Creative Commons License

As we approach the Americana Music Festival, with its 200 acts of mostly independent artists all vying for attention, plenty of focus will be given to the role of crowdfunding and the internet in the modern musical landscape. In this space, I attempt to cut through the clutter by bringing you some of the most interesting roots-oriented crowdfunding campaigns currently running.

Duane Allman - Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective

It's hard to overstate the importance of The Allman Brothers Band, and its gone too soon guitar wizard Duane Allman, on practically every roots musician to come after them. The 2013 cd box set Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective was a sprawling 14 disc comprehensive reading of Allman's career. Now fans of vinyl can get in on the action as well, as the set is being re-released via PledgeMusic in a vinyl package. The vinyl packaging includes a 56 page book with rare photos and essays. There are three levels of packaging, with the differences being how low the number in the limited series is and what extras you get with each box.

Jennifer Knapp - Untitled Sixth Album

Jennifer Knapp is a name that has been around the music scene for a decade now. Initially finding success in the Contemporary Christian music world, Knapp's last few albums have been more secular folk-rock affairs, while retaining all of the enthusiasm that made her religious albums a success. After successfully crowdfunding an album in 2014, Knapp is back again with an untitled new record on the way. As of this writing, the project is at 99% of its goal soon after launch, proving there's still plenty of demand for Knapp's music. Unique backer rewards include a download of the demo recordings for the album, a lyric mug, and a pair of mittens knitted by Knapp.

Bobby Osborne - Untitled New Album

I featured bluegrass legend Bobby Osborne's campaign a while back, but someone of Osborne's stature deserves a second look for those who might have missed it. At 84 years old, Osborne is living proof that crowdfunding isn't a millennial thing, it's for everyone. The new album will be produced by Alison Brown and recorded at Compass Sound Studios. Backer rewards include a Hatch Show Print, a signed transcribed arrangement, and one of Osborne's signature stage hats signed by the artist.