Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week: The Early Mays, Nicole Atkins

The Early Mays. Photo by Polly Whitehorn/Press Photo

As the holidays approach, one place to get unique gifts for the music lover in your life is to pledge to her favorite musician's crowdfunding campaign. Not only will you be able to help your loved on insure that her favorite artist's new album comes to fruition, you can snag some great stocking stuffers by way of backer rewards. Every week, I comb through the various crowdfunding sites to bring you the best roots-oriented campaigns of the week. Think your campaign deserve a feature? Send me an e-mail with a link to the campaign, a press photo, and a way to hear your music and I'll feature my favorites here.

The Early Mays- Chase the Sun

The Early Mays were formed in 2013 with the aim of promoting new music that focuses on Appalachian traditions and sounds. Comprised of successful solo artists Emily Pinkerton, Ellen Gozion, and Rachel Eddy, The Early Mays have built a strong following in their three short years of existence, in large part through strong festival showings, including the Appalachian String Band Festival in West Virginia, where they won a blue ribbon. Backer rewards for Chase the Sun include a tote bag, a hand made card from Ellen sent to someone who you choose to pledge in honor of, and in the spirit of the holidays, a gift-wrapped set of cds from each artist's solo catalog.

Nicole Atkins- Untitled New Album

Nicole Atkins has touched numerous musical genres since her debut album, but has always had one foot firmly in the folk rock tradition. Now Atkins is raising funds to make her first album since 2014's Slow Phaser and is offering a ton of musical extras in addition to the usual backer rewards. Backers at all levels of Atkins' new album get “A Little Crazy”, the first single from the new album, as well as a live EP titled Live from City Winery Nashville, as well as a collection of demos titled The Party's Over Demos 2004. Other backer rewards include a 12 panel accordion postcard, a handwritten lyric sheet, and a personalized birthday video.