Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week: Jon Byrd, AJ Croce, and Matthew Perryman Jones

AJ Croce- Publicity Photo

As summer approaches and the season's slate of tour dates is announced, crowdfunding sites slow down a bit. Most artists looking to fund their projects ahead of the summer tour season started months ago. But that doesn't mean there aren't still some campaigns left to patronize. Think your campaign is worth featuring in this space? Send me an e-mail with a link to the campaign and a way to hear your music. I'll pick the best submissions for inclusion.


Jon Byrd- 4th Album

Classic country vocalist Jon Byrd came to me on recommendation from a very trusted source; fellow No Depression writer Amos Perrine. After years spent playing in bands, from Tim Lee and the Windbreakers to The Ratchet Set, Byrd has embarked on a solo career and is readying his fourth solo album for release in 2017 and raising funds via IndieGoGo. This is Byrd's first stab at crowdfunding an album, and he's lined up a nice set of backer rewards that include the album on CD and vinyl, a chance to get his entire back catalog, a signed Byrd's Auto Parts poster, and a house concert.


A.J. Croce- Just Like Medicine

For over 20 years now, A.J. Croce has been one of the more consistent artists on the Americana music scene. For nine albums now, he has touched on folk, rock, country, and blues with a keen eye for lyrical details. For Just Like Medicine, Croce is giving a soul-tinge to the album's ten songs. While seven are originals, one cover that is sure to generate some attention is an unreleased and unheard song that was written by his dad, Jim Croce, and meant for the never release follow-up to I Got a Name. Croce has also lined up an impressive list of guests for Just Like Medicine. Dan Penn will produce the album, which will feature collaborations with Vince Gill, Steve Cropper, Dan Hood, Colin Linden, The McCrary Sisters, and more. Backer rewards include a handwritten lyric book, a disposable camera filled with pictures taken from the studio and the road, and a songwriting lesson via Skype or in person.


Matthew Perryman Jones- New Album

If you live in the Nashville area and are a fan of roots music, chances are you've seen Matthew Perryman Jones even if you don't know his name. Jones is a popular collaborator in Music City and a member of the Ten Out of Tenn group. If you don't live in Nashville, you still may know Jones from placement on high profile series like Grey's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries. While his reputation may be as a collaborator or as a producer of lush folk-pop songs that work well for television placement, Jones is going back to basics for his new album, with just himself, a guitar, and basic recording equipment. Jones is also donating 10% of the money raised after his goal to the charity blood:water mission. Backer rewards include the album on CD and vinyl, a candle handmade by Jones, a gift book featuring photos and lyrics that will be limited to a run of 25, and an original painting.