Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week: Lindi Ortega and Jimmy Buffett

Lindi Ortega. Photo by Chris Griffy

After several weeks of theming my Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week column, this week we're taking it back to the basics, two unrelated projects on two different crowdfunding sites. This week we've got an archival release from a stadium filling country rocker and a new album from one of Americana's brightest young stars.

Lindi Ortega- What a Girl's Gotta Do

If you are a regular attendee of the Americana Music Festival, you are probably already familiar with the music of Canadian songwriter Lindi Ortega. She is a frequent guest at Americanafest and the audiences for her shows are always large, for good reason. But surprisingly, according to the bio on the Kickstarter page for her new album What a Girl's Gotta Do, Ortega almost gave up songwriting recently. Whatever caused her to continue, we all win because Ortega's voice and style are unique and needed. At the time of this writing, Ortega's project has already met its initial funding goal of $30,000 in just a few days, but she's still pushing for her next two stretch goals, which will unlock a limited edition red vinyl issue and a surprise at her second stretch goal. Backer rewards include autographed copies of the album on CD and vinyl, a chance to have Lindi record your voicemail message, a handmade cat sculpture by Lindi, and the “Lindi Ortega Personal Shopping Network”, where she will collaborate with the backer on Pinterest to shop for vintage clothing and home décor.

Jimmy Buffett- Buried Treasure

With the possible exception of the Eagles, there isn't a more polarizing figure in roots music than Jimmy Buffett. But pull away from the ever present Margaritaville branding and Buffett has written some great songs, as well as recording work from roots favorites like Will Kimbrough and Mac McAnally. Now fans can get a glimpse of what Jimmy Buffett sounded like before the arenas, restaurants, and resorts with his new box set Buried Treasure, Vol 1. Consisting of recordings made in 1969 in Mobile and Nashville for Buzz Cason and unearthed when Cason sold his studio to Martina McBride recently, Buried Treasure is just a few of the approximately 125 songs in that collection. Mixing music with narrative storytelling, Buried Treasure comes in a 10 song regular edition and a 23 song deluxe edition. Backer rewards include a signed copy of the album, as well as Buried Treasure hats, socks, and shirts.