Curtis Salgado Poses the Musical Question: "A Woman or the Blues?"

Curtis Salgado, photo by Joe Rosen

Truly one of the great pure talents among blues singers on the circuit today, Curtis Salgado is, if nothing else, a survivor.  His early days as singer in the Robert Cray Band and Roomful of Blues shows how talented this man is and portended great things.  But life is a cruel mistress and sometimes, while it looks to the outside world, that you have the world on a string, life rears up and slaps you back down. Struggles and strife are part of life and can be self-inflicted or things outside one's control.  

Curtis has overcome his share of each including serious bouts with cancer.   I have followed his career and rooted for him from a distance as he battled back. The key to success in music, much like life, is to keep getting up.  If you do and perservere there is a chance that you can achieve your purpose in life and above all attain personal satisfaction and happiness.  

So glad to see Curtis Salgado do both as of late and, if there was ever any doubt, this video puts them to rest.  Thanks to BluesBroad for posting this YouTube video of a February 2014 performance of Curtis and great band from the Blast Furnace Blues Festival in Bethlehem, PA.