David Starr Takes Us to the Edge of the World--Video premiere

Photo courtesy Jeff Fasano


Embracing the unknown is never easy, especially when you’re being led into it by a guide you trust. David Starr’s new song “The Edge of the World” starkly and beautifully describes these glorious feelings of uncertainty, ambiguous emotions bathed in the waters of passion, hope, and redemption. Starr’s full-throated vocals float along sparse acoustic guitar chords in the first two verses only to open into a swelling sonic flight of steel guitar and strings in the chorus, which recalls Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis.” The song builds to a steel-drenched bridge that brings to mind the best of Poco and gives us a moment to reflect on the moments we’ve been willing to risk everything for the uncertainties and exaltations of passion.


Starr, owner of Starr's Guitars in Cedaredge, Colorado, and whose put out eight previous albums, recently reflected on the song’s meaning for him: “There are a number of images that I drew on. Where I live on the Grand Mesa in Colorado, there’s a place called Land’s End, and that’s a cliff that looks out over a valley thousands of feet below. That’s the sense you get when you are there physically. But as a song ‘Edge of the World’ is about the power and capacity and complexity of women in general – and some of my best work comes from underestimating the power of women! But as I’ve listened to it on another level, it may also be about song in general.  About the power of music to move you. So, it works on a number of levels. Sometimes when I record something or write it, later on it becomes about something else altogether. This one works that way.” 


“The Edge of the World” is the second single from Starr’s EP The Head and Heart, produced and arranged by John Oates.