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Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

The Dixie Chicks: Freedom's Just Another Word

Thanks Ed....

I'm happy to see a good and timely reminder of the Dixie Chicks - if anything, the crap they went through is increasing in the american psyche - our dear president and followers will never get "he not busy being born is busy dyin'"....

Much appreciated Ed...I've stopped hoping that the people who have lost track of what American values actually are will ever come around, but I know that most of them are my age or older, and their time is about over...there were kids walking out of schools yesterday to protest some of what has been wrought...people are waking up to the threat to the republic...we will have to hope the damage done isn't fatal...


Thanks. I'm glad to see a political opinion on the site. 

Well isn’t that a double edged sword? After all, this is a music site and everything is supposed to be rosy and sunshine. At least that’s the feeling of some folks who’ve left messages on NDs Facebook page. As a columnist who is only expected to offer commentary and opinion, I suppose that it can’t be helped when art and politics get intertwined in my thoughts. So yeah...I’ll keep writing whatever I feel needs to be written until they toss me out. Do you know the fringe benefit of not knowing or ever communicating with your editor? I don’t think she even knows I’m here. : ) shhhhh.......

I couldn't agree with you more Ed. I'm surprised how little comment you got on this piece. Not long after Trump got elected this Dixie Chick controversy came up on No Depression and I got in a long and ugly dispute with someone calling himself The Colonel who claimed that although he didn't vote for Trump he deserved the respect of the office. I feel the opposite--that the office deserves respect from who occupies it. I wonder these days if "The Colonel" still respects the office after what Trump has done to it.

I've long thought that America has a dual personality. Its professed ideals of freedom and equality admired around the world and an opposite dark side of bigotry, greed and hatred. Obama, the first President I was really proud of, exemplified the former while this insult now occupying the White House is the personifacation of the latter.

Ah, I remember the (Russian?) Colonel and his argument about respecting the orifice!  The only way this can get more surreal is if Stormy releases videos/photos of the Condom in Chief in action.  

Surreal is a pretty good word for it Mr. Clown but a Dali painting is a lot more beautiful than what we're living through.

I’m sorry Ed but my bitter rant side comes out when I see a column like this.   We need to stop trying to comfort ourselves with the “majority of people voted” for Hillary Clinton cr*p when that is not true.   The MAJORITY of Americans voted, through their actions or inactions, literally the worst person in the country to lead us.   Someone who used racist and misogynistic language to play on our resentments because he knows THAT is the type of people we truly are.  Someone who ultimately will burn down the country to save his own skin.    Any hope that we are as good a country or a people as you seem to be saying (or hoping) we are went out the window in November of 2016.   There was simply not enough decency to overcome his indecency.      

And let’s not forget that 53% of white women succumbed to the charms of a p*ssy grabber and the 57% of white women in a certain southern state blamed under aged girls for the affections of a man twice their age.                   

Please don’t think I’m talking about Politics.   The Reality Show Con Artist isn’t a real person with thoughts, beliefs or an “agenda” other than himself.   He has no “politics”.   He is a FRAUD who occupied the GOP and instead of “resisting”, they are “collaborating” with him.   Every one of the Vichy Repuglicans knows he is a FRAUD yet they won’t even defend this country from an attack by a foreign power because it suits their craven interests.    Of course that is outside of the few that have found religion on their deathbeds which I don’t find particularly honorable.      

We have still not felt the total consequences of electing a FRAUD as President.   There is a lot more to come and while I’m bitter I also know we deserve it.   May God have mercy on our souls.              

There is no comfort in the fact that she got a few more votes than he did.   In 2016, we had the easiest choice ever and we blew it.    

“But Hillar….”


I can’t argue with one word you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s true that many of us seek out any possible excuse or reason to explain what the hell happened, as if it’ll make it better. It doesn’t. Our world is so tangled up right now in bullshit, that it will take generations to make it right again, if or when we have the chance. I’ll be long gone but every day I think about the kids, with hope they will take us through these days of darkness. 

Millennials are smarter than we are and don’t seem as hypocritical.    That is the hope.   But the damage he has done and is going to do is not going away even when he is off bilking the rubes with his own TV Network.   The planet and US reputation won’t bounce back quickly.  And on the political side, the Vichy GOP will still be there and the 50 year old Neil Gorsuch is going to be sitting in his seat a long time.         

Trump is a giant kidney stone, he shall pass.

Ed, I don’t think your take on the Dixie Chicks music was chauvanistic, I’d say it was pretty accurate. That sound obviously works for many. Not my cup of tea either. The band obviously didn’t deserve what they received.

Russian journalist Olga Skabeeva on Russian state television: "Yesterday Tillerson supported Theresa May in her 'highly likely' Russian accusation. And Trump immediately fired him. Trump is ours!"

Where's she been?   Trump's always been "theirs"...he'd be riding a horse without a shirt except for the man boobs...

I thought similarly until I saw them live at Lilith Fair..they were unbelievable good...blown away good...they came back to the second stage and played with Susan Tedeschi (this was a while before Derek Trucks) was obvious they had way more goods than the stuff that got on the radio...but the radio is all that most people heard...but they could write, and they could really play and's a shame they got caught up in all that stuff...

Ah Trump...As it is with a kidney stone Jack, we will all be in a lot of pain until he makes his way back to the sewer...

Banning the Dixie Chicks was for me a final nail inthe coffin of country radio.  I get my country fix via public and college stations with occasional visits to WSM on the net for the Opry.    Commercial radio is just worthless.  As to the Chicks, good music, but not in my recently played stack.

Country radio died for me when they put a cowboy hat on John Travolta in "Urban Cowboy".  Luckily at about that same time college radio exploded!

You didn't like "Urban Cowboy" Mr. Mutt?  You didn't find JT convincing as a fake cowboy/oil rig worker?  

College radio did come of age in that time frame...divine providence...

Jimmy Bowen...producer of many from Sinatra to Strait...who also ran MCA and later Capital Nashville. I must have heard him say a million times that Urban Cowboy was the death of country music. But then again, without it we'd never have had those 'hat acts' in the early nineties who at least shoved out the string sections in favor of pedal steel and click tracks. In my humble opinion, when the Smothers Brothers were kicked off television and replaced by Hee Haw, that was truly the end of it all. 

I thought the death of No Depression would TRULY the end of it all?  

You may be right about that...reduced the King of Bakersfield to a cornball comedy...whatever happened to the Hagers by the way?...

I've been called a snob by fans of contemporary country when I say I like "real country" which is now called Americana I suppose. But I must admit I prefer the new country to that awful Nashville practice of adding mellifluous strings to otherwise good songs.

I’m struggling with this notion that Americana is ‘real country’...not to start yet another discussion on what defines the A-word. 

You're right Ed, Americana isn't "real country" either but it seems closer than contemorary country. I've alwqys thought of John Prine as a country artist but he was always called folk. So what's in a name? Maybe we should call it "folk country."

folk country or alt-country or it any of those...or just say "folk it!" and call it music...