Dwight Yoakam: Meandering through the Americana Camp

Great article -- 3 Pears and the new one are fantastic.  A couple nits on album titles -- looks like spellcheck may have been at work.   The second album is Hillbilly Deluxe -- and it's Blame The Vain.    I've got 'em all. 

Nice eye. Those misspellings are fixed now.

Excellent article...great artist...

Great damn article, well written, informative and entertaining.

On our eighth year in Nashville, we now finally go West to L.A. and SoCal to honor the Bakersfield sound combined with its rock influence and the legacy of the man whose vision inspired and indeed shaped Dwight Yoakum by his own repeated admission, Gram Parsons. Please join us at the Gram InterNational West Fest,

That is a great, interesting and thorough article - The best I have ever seen about Yoakam. Not only is there more to the music than meets the ear, there is more to him as well. He comes off as a thoughtful, intelligent guy who came along at the right time, found the right audience, and played the right places. Good actor too.

Great article! I think this one really captures the essence of Dwight, at least his public persona and his unique sound. Bonus points for quoting Mic Harrison. 

I think that there's another typo still hanging around, though. I'm well acquainted with Maryville, TN but haven't heard of MarySville. The one I know is nestled in the foothills of the Smokies and is pronounced Murravul.