Easy Ed's Weekly Broadside

The Roddy Woomble live recording is in theory available from the Bowers-Wilkins website, through their Society of Sound feature -- you can join for a free month trial and download lossless music.  Roddy is there, but his doesn't download at the moment (others do).  I signed up for the free trial.  Perhaps Roddy's has been delisted, but it still displays.


Upon further investigation, it seems that the trial membership to the Society of Sound only allows limited track downloads.  You get full access to the catalog, plus two additional titles per month, for a full membership, which costs $59.95 for a year.  There are quite a few recordings, not to mention the 24 new ones, and you'd only have to buy 5 or 6 to get the per-each cost down to iTunes level.  Probably a good deal, especially for those who like full cd-quality (or better) for their downloaded material.

The Otis Gibbs is really nice...I've been playing that for the last week...the musical accompaniment (is that a word?)  of Fats Kaplan and Thomm Jutz is exceptional throughout...good record.  I'm going to check out Roddy, if he ever becomes available in more than theory...

thanks Ed, enjoyed the "Broadside", which is a naval war term, though that is not it's only meaning...the bombs are falling again...coincidence?

Fats Kaplin, that got my attention! Otis, here I come!

Hey Ron...I'm with you on Fats...I love all those Kane, Welch and Kaplan records.  He isn't on every track on the Gibbs' record, but I think you will find Thomm Jutz's instrumental playing very nice too...he plays on a lot of records by Otis and Amy Lashley...other Nashville types like Amy Speace...he's a fine player...very complimentary to the song and skilled as well...Otis doesn't have a bad record...I like some better than others, but the new one is really well done.  There is one song that struck me as a bit too reminiscent of "Gentle On My Mind" melodically, but I guess that's a pretty good song to foreshadow if you are going to do that...

thanks for the extra effort Ron!