Eddy Mann Finds Inspiration Between the Brushstrokes on 'Simple Things’

Indie artist, Eddy Mann, has created an intriquing collection of songs on his latest relase 'Simple Things.' The origin of the project can be traced back to a 2015 visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was there that he came upon the works of Philly realist painter Thomas Eakins. Eddy explains, 'As far back as I can remember, paintings have always had the ability to perk-up my creative juices. As a child, whenever my eyes came upon a painting my imagination would flood with story lines within each brushstroke.' On this particular visit, the late nineteenth century works of Eakin's captivated his imagination and brought about the idea for a conceptual album.

In the liner notes Eddy writes, 'The writing was quick and loose which left lots of room for developing at a later date. My original vision was one of a much more dated sound musically, but that changed slowly as the tracks were being laid down. One by one, song after song, there was a unique vibe, a musical footprint was beginning to take form, and though the finished versions are much different then I had imagined, they still retain a heartbeat that was inspired by someone else more than a century ago.'

The album is a departure of sorts in that the production this time around is much larger than his last few projects. Eddy explained that it wasn’t until eighteen months later that the studio sessions began. He spent three months over the course of 2017 developing and refining the musical landscapes and arrangements. The title draws its name from an Eakins quote, 'In mathematics the complicated things are reduced to simple things, so it is in painting.’ Eddy shared that he kept that in mind while he was composing the melodies and chord structures, always returning to try and simplify the colors.

The Pre-Release date is March 6, 2018 with the album dropping on April 3, 2018. The first single ‘The Dancing Lesson’ is a timely piece inspired by the painting that bears its name. It continues in the socially conscious tone that Eddy’s written about on his last two albums 2014’s ‘Dig Love,' and 2016’s ‘The Consequence.'

Dance little brother, dance to the music, let your spirit free
Dance little brother, dance to the music, Lord have mercy
Ain't gonna stop until we all walk free
Dance little brother dance
Ain't gonna stop until we all walk free
Dance little brother dance ~ The Dancing Lesson

Eddy bared the album’s soul best when he said, 'It’s my hope that we can teach a new generation to love and appreciate the arts in different and creative ways while still preserving and passing down our varying cultures.’ This is new ground for Mann, and he explores it bravely, passionately and successfully. Though I’ve only heard a sampling of tracks, it’s apparent that this venture has invigorated a very prolific songwriter who isn’t afraid to travel to new places and see new things.

Check out the first single ‘The Dancing Lesson’ at on March 6, 2018.