Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Eight Songs that Blow Me Away

I will be listening to the ones I don't have when I get a minute Ed...but that Secret Sisters record is excellent all the way through, and I can also vouch for the selections from the Staple  Singers, Tom Russell, and bless your heart, Gene Parsons...that guy was/is so underrated...the "Kindling Collection" and "Melodies" are just tremendous records...still availalbe on Sierra Records too...well done as usual Ed...I am particularly interested in the James Carr track, but I have to wait till I can really listen...thanks!

Thanks. James Carr is the most unknown/unacknowledged soul singer of his time. I love every song that was captured. As did Gram Parsons...

This James Carr cut is sweet. I bought a compilation of his work sold under the title of "A Man Needs aWoman" which I found used and picked up only because it contained his first released version of the classic song "The Dark End of the Street" which was a hit for him and is an excellent version and the liner notes go into great detail about its recording. This compilation also has the song you included. It's strange that he is so unacknowledged since this compliation has 24 cuts and it's Vol III of three compilations of his Goldwax recordings which translates to a lot of songs. 

Jim, how can you say Gram Parsons is underrated? Will's gonna blow a gasket! This site wouldn't exist without him.


Gene who?

Gene Parsons. Not Gram. That's the artist. @rmutt is confused. 

I love EasyEd's naivite and giving me credit for simply being confused rather than labeling/libeling me a provocateur non grata!

Is Gene Parsons in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

I remember that Maxell ad.  These days the whole thing would be computer generated, eliminating the need for the hair spray and all that to get the visual. Which begs the question, what does Trump use to keep his 'do in place, marine shellac?


Parsons is not yet in the CMHoF  but he did play drums on Performance (the soundtrack for the film of the same name) where he met Mick Jagger.    The soundtrack featured a track "Harry Flowers" which obviously then led to the country rock  influenced "Dead Flowers"  and "Wild Horses" (Sticky Fingers).  Parsons has not yet received songwriting credits.

I'm not just saying this, but I've long believed that Tom Petty was inspired by cousins Gene and Gram Parsons to write "Wildflowers", though he won't admit it.

Gram or Gene Mr. Mutt?  I lost track somewhere...

Jack...are you stirring the pot again?  Shame on you...

Trump uses pine tar during baseball season, with Red#2 and Yellow#4 to achieve the tint...that Maxell ad was everywhere back in the day...when I had more hair that could have been me...I had a Sansui amp with 180 watts per channel and some JBL's that would shift the house on it's foundation...that's probably why I can't hear now...that and a Deep Purple concert that was measured at 120 decibels in 1974...ears rang for 2 days after that one...Grand Funk Railroad got me really good one night too (yes Grand Funk...forgive me...I was in high school at the time, Mark Farner had great hair)...Marshalls stacked to the ceiling...


Okay Mr. Mutt, haven't we had this conversation before? are provoking me (and Ed and probably everyone else) by pretending that you don't know the difference between Gene and Gram...Yes, they both have the same initials and last name, and they both were in the Byrds and the Burrito Brothers...Gene is alive, Gram is long gone, Gene invented the B-bender with Clarence White, who is also gone, alas, and Marty Stuart has Clarence' s guitar...we've been all through that...and Will is going to be fine...42,604 last I heard...


To Jack and  Mr. Mutt...sorry these posts appear down the page...they are not with your comments...the webmaster has bollocks'ed up the reply feature again...

Try reading this site on a phone! And yes I know that Gram and Gene are two different people.   I did not know they were cousins.   Thanks Jack 11.0!

According to Wiki, they are no relation Mr. Mutt...Jack 11.0 is dealing in "fake news", minus the orange hair...

I can't read this site on a doesn't work...and I can't wait to see where this comment ends the top, bottom, or on the article "I said it before and I'll say it again..."


Delete function.   Is that really too much to ask?  


Jack 11.0 is spreading "fake news"?   Next you'll tell me that the nearly 36000 hit count on  "I've said it before" were padded by Russian hacking of the No Depression website.  


You are behind on the count R...we are well past 40K...the Russians aren't involved, but fact: Putin is not a fan of Americana...

Jack began spreading fake news when he went from 2.0 to 11.0...if the count is padded, Jack is responsible...


Ed,  Thanks so much for this post.  Tops, I enjoyed each and every song posted.  Next, I too miss the community aspect of an earlier version of No Depression; even if I was mostly an observer.  I learned a lot about music tht I would never have found on my own.  Lastly, when I saw Kathy's Song, it thought it was gutsy of the Secret Sisters to name theie song the same as the Paul Simon classic.  I was then thrilled to hear their cover, not a new song with an old name. I was also surprised that You tube showed so many other covers - even though I always loved that song.  Above is one of my favorite covers of this beautiful song.


very nice version...

Thanks for sharing this. I have zero of her music in my library. Need to explore. Which is the point of that lost community thread. 

Unfortunately, she's been dead for 20 years.  She died of cancer in her 30s.  The stuff you can find on youtube is wonderful.


Really enjoyed the two versions of "Kathy's Song." Thanks.

In spite of the frivolity (ok, occasional idiocy on my part), a sincere thanks to EasyEd for his quality posts AND the fact that he appears to be the only ND contributor than consistently reads and replies to comments on his post. The Broadside is the last remnant of the old ND community. 

Thank you. I was actually hoping this post would prod others to post their current faves here in the comment section. If we can't have an institutional community, an ad hoc one can evolve. Looks like a few of you have done that but it's probably not sustainable. One of my huge problems with this site is that columns are placed on the front page for one day and then fade to black. I've urged everyone in charge (both of them) to do a simple redesign where content stays up for a week or more. No dice. At the moment Kim's priority is print, not web. 

Ditto what Mr. Mutt said Ed, and thanks!


Bill Morrissey was a gem.  Love the line in this song "don't the freight yards sound like a drunk in a metal shop".

What RMutt said.

Great stuff...Morrissey was a real talent, and a mentor to a lot of singer songwriters...Mark Erelli, who is just tremendous, was one of them...he did an entire record of Bill's songs called "Milltowns"...great record.

Here's a link to Mark doing Bill Morrissey's most beautiful song (IMO)..."Birches"


Chris Smither still is a gem.  So many standout songs, this is one.


Obvious connection to the theme.

I'm a gonna post a recent song that blows me away from Jason Eady's Jason Eady that came out this year - read about it in a Slaid Cleaves recent interview....Jason Eady - Why I Left Atlanta




I almost included Jason in my list. He's quite a talent. Thanks for mentioning it. 

You guys are all complaining about a delete button? Right. How about content? Columns are on the front page for one day. The rest of the front page is taken up with a lot of pretty graphics but little news. Head over to the 'stories' page and there's some duplicity of the front page, along with four featured stories from March. I can easily navigate the site on my iPhone if I don't mind scrolling for hours. But the reality is that there's no resources here other than Stacy (who does an amazing job) and a little time from Kim, who pretty much does print now. Cameron seemed to understand how to improve many of these things, but he moved on too quick. The three months (at least it felt that long) of subscription drive really seems to have brought out the challenges to maintaining a robust website. Unless the management decides they either want to bring on some additional folks to assist Stacy or sell it off to an interested party, it is what it is. Delete button? I think that may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Content is a problem too Ed...and I can imagine being a contributor and being frustrated as well...

And as you noted , we can complain and take potshots from the peanut gallery, but the reality is that the magazine is what matters to those who control the direction it's headed...I'll hang in there for a while and see where it goes...I can afford 6 bucks a some point I may invoke the self-fulfilling prophecy and hit delete...

In the meantime, the Broadside is still a hit with me...

I subscribed because I was assured the website would receive some level of attention.  I subscribed based on that assurance; not a massive redesign, but meaningful tweaks.  While I appreciate the guts, risk and effort to revive the print magazine, in an online electronic age I for the life of me don't understand why ND considers itself a magazine with a website attached rather than a website that has a magazine to draw interest to the website. Which is why I also have never understood the disregard for discussion and interaction. Without that, this is just another music site.

I'm a community website reader first, and a contributor second. ND is where I want to go to catch all the roots music news, find interesting stories, learn about new music and be able to have academic discussions about fried clams. 

Me too, and the key phrase is "where I want to go"...the fried clams were a bonus...I was pretty certain my wife's family were the only people who would drive out of the way to a HoJo's to get them, only to find out that they were a staple of ND regulars...