Eilen Jewell Brings It All Back Home to Boise

Eilen is surely one of the most talented young artists in the roots/Americana scene. Her albums are all superb, and her live shows are a blast. And it doesn't hurt that she's got such a great band, including the coolest guitarist on the planet; Jerry Miller!

Very well done piece taking us through her career to date. Nice job!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it, and thanks for reading.

Great piece, Jeremy, about one of my favourite artists. In some parallel universe where quality prevails over marketing, Eilen Jewell is a superstar.

Thanks, Steve. I appreciate it.

Just a quick comment on Eilen's label. Signature Sounds is owned by Jim Olsen solely not by Mark Thayer. I believe he owns a separate recording studio. And Big Sandy is not a Signature Sounds artist. His last excellent album "What a Dream It's Been" was recorded on another Northampton, MA label - Cow Island Records.  Eilen's amazing guitar player Jerry Miller is a Signature Sounds artist. His debut album "New Road Under My Wheels" features different vocalists including Eilen Jewell on one track. 


Thanks for the clarification. I know Jim and Mark formed the label together in 1995, but was not aware Mark was no longer involved, and I just had Big Sandy's name on the wrong side of "labelmate," I made those changes.

Eilen Jewell tops the Americana Music Show Best of 2015 list. Check out this podcast episode to hear tracks from her latest album, Sundown Over Ghost Town.