Father John Misty Covers Ryan Adams Covering Taylor Swift

Today one of the more anticipated albums hit the internet, Ryan Adams’ 1989. Like a crack dealer luring in future customers, Ryan Adams has been teasing listeners for weeks with bits and pieces of his take on Taylor Swift’s album 1989. Adams has deconstructed each tune from Swift’s record reconstructing them as something between has own music, the sound of the Smiths and something you could find in many 1980s teen movies. While it is a very good album, many are proclaiming it the greatest record of all time or treating it like it yet another brilliant creation from Adams. Yes Ryan Adams has done a smashing job putting his own flavor on Swift’s music, but people need to keep in mind it is a cover album, albeit a good one. Here is where Father John Misty enters the fray.

If you are not familiar with Father John Misty’s music you need to be. His songs are raw unabashed glimpses into love, life and taking what the world throws at you. While his lyrics cut deep they are sprinkled with a wry sense of humor which makes his take on Ryan Adams take on Taylor Swift even better. With everyone going gaga over a covers album, Father John Misty couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the whole situation. Listed on Soundcloud as Father John Misty’s “ongoing tribute to the classic Ryan Adams album 1989”, he has been releasing his versions of the songs off of 1989 (two so far). If that is not good enough it gets even better. Father John Misty’s versions are recorded in the style of Lou Reed & Velvet Underground reinterpreting Ryan Adams versions that reinterpret Taylor Swift’s original versions in the style of the Smiths. Are you lost yet, if so, don’t worry about it just go listen to his songs, Ryan Adam’s songs and Taylor Swift’s songs.

Father John Misty - Welsome To New York

Father John Misty - Blank Space