Gram Parsons - A long-lost soul for a long, long time

Couple points - The author's name, Holly George-Warren, should be up top, not burried, not "by archive."

Second - That is a goddam great article. No D has some super good writers now, but you're not taking care of them.

Third - Ain't no Grams or Emmy Lous out there, or, if there is, you are not finding them for us. 

Fourth - Keep up the good work, but look at the archives for direction. Try to live up to that standard if you can.

Just to address your first point, because it's a concern I share -- when we imported these items from the archive, the author names did not automatically come along with them. That is something that's going to have to be a manual project at some point, since there are something like hundreds of authors and thousands of pieces of content. Our compromise was to create an author tag that will allow people to get to everything tagged with that author. You can get to all of Holley's archive work by clicking on that tag.

Will there ever be another Gram Parsons or Emmylou? Nope. But there are some incredible artists out there now, carving their own way, and I'm on constant lookout.


Gram Parsons (who died of a drug overdose at 26 on August 19, 1973).... Of course he died on September 19, 1973. You know you can edit these articles.

The date has been corrected. If you see any other errors or problems with any of the posts here, you can always send us a little note to and we'll look into it.

Good to know thanks.