Hear Vandoliers' Texas Cowpunk Anthem, 'Rolling Out' (Premiere)

Photo by Cameron Gott

Vandoliers' newest single, "Rolling Out," literally opens with a can of whoop-ass. Around the 10-second mark, right before the group tumbles into righteous barroom shouting you can hear the subtle, hilariously timed opening of a particularly percussive beer can.

The Dallas-Fort Worth outfit sounds like a punk band that lost its distortion pedals in a seemingly bad Craigslist trade. Instead of crunch and distortion, they got a brass and fiddle combo (courtesy of Cory Graves and Travis Curry, respectively) that totally bangs. The group's upcoming album, The Native, is a southern smoothie of influences, combining the raw angst of a Titus Andronicus or a Diarrhea Planet with the big brass gusto of Mariachi El Bronx.

"I wrote "'Rolling Out' after we finished Ameri-Kinda and had to save it for some time. But when the band regrouped to start writing The Native, this song was a standout. Sonically and subject-wise it pretty much defines us as a band," says the group's singer, Joshua Fleming.

"We travel a lot, so staying up late and then waking up early seems to be our new schedule. 'Rolling Out' is our 'On the Road Again.' It’s our get in the Dodge and get out of Dodge anthem. It’s since become a crowd favorite at our live shows, too."

If you've come to this roadhouse for a few Texas punker anthems, then you should stay for the absolutely blistering telecaster solos Vandoliers' Dustin Fleming issues out like he's some kind of six-string Thor. And yet, underneath all the howling, you can clearly hear the steady snare of Guyton Sanders and the dusty bass of Mark Moncrieff. 

If you ever want to rob a bank, throw this sucker on the tape deck of your Pontiac Firebird before you get caught because you ain't as smart as you look.

The Native hits stores on May 26 via State Fair Records. Stream "Rolling Out" below.

Vandoliers 2017 Tour Dates
APR 8 – Old 97's County Fair - Dallas, TX
APR 13 - The Blue Light - Lubbock, TX
APR 21 - Love And War In Texas - Plano, TX
MAY 5 - Floores Country Store - Helotes, TX
MAY 6 - Denton Mudbug Boil - Denton, TX
MAY 11 - Lava Cantina - The Colony, TX
MAY 14 - Taco Libre Austin - Austin, TX
MAY 18 - Red Dirt Ball - Lawton, OK
MAY 19 - Elm Street Tattoo Festival - Dallas, TX
MAY 23 - White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR
MAY 24 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
MAY 25 - Southgate House Revival - Newport, KY
MAY 26 - The Burl - Lexington, KY
MAY 27 - Village Idiot - Maumee, OH
MAY 28 – CODA - Cleveland, OH
JUN 1 - The Rathskeller - Indianapolis, IN
JUN 2 - Levitt AMP Jacksonville Music Series - Jacksonville, IL
JUN 3 - Mercury Lounge - Tulsa, OK
JUN 9 - Friday on the Green - Fort Worth, TX
JUL 12 - Peach Street Studios - Bozeman, MT
JUL 13 - The Bartlett - Spokane, WA
JUL 15 - White Eagle Saloon - Portland, OR
JUL 16 - Sam Bond's Garage - Eugene, OR
JUL 20 - Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ
JUL 22 - Earl's Lawn And Patio - Huntsville, UT
JUL 28 - Lola's Saloon - Fort Worth, TX
JUL 29 - Blaine's Pub - San Angelo, TX
AUG 4 - Love and War - Plano, TX
SEPT 15 - Bristol Rhythm & Roots - Bristol, VA
SEPT 16 - Bristol Rhythm & Roots - Bristol, VA
SEPT 17 - Bristol Rhythm & Roots - Bristol, VA

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This is whoop-ass? 


Whoop-ass? Ish!

I saw Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives last night...compared to that, this falls pretty far short of "Whoop-ass!" and short of Whoop-ass Ish!  Coming to Indy June 1st at a good venue though...perhaps I will see what all the noise is about...

I don't understand the bank robbing/tape deck analogy either, but I'm sleepy...Marty is a typical musician...wants to START playing about 10pm on a weeknight...


Whoop ass and Busch Lite? WTF.  That's just plain embarrassing.

It just really bothers you, huh? 

Nope, just trying to liven up the comments morgue.  A cup of Earl Grey is my  whoop ass beverage choice.

R, figured you more as a Piledriver kinda guy (or gal).

Haha, fair enough, sir. I support the livening. As long as it's Earl Grey-fueled, I understand.

Sounds pretty whoop-ass to me, but then again, I'm kinda old.  :) Thanks for introducing me to these guys. They seem to have a lot of fun and that is always good for the listener. I bet a show would be fun. 

I don't know about Busch Light--I think these guys would probably drink a Shiner or something even more hipster microbrew--That's the nice thing about music today--no pigieonholes really work anymore. 

I would put it in the tape deck of my TransAm but then again I'm old. Steve McQueen and Burt Reynolds getting away are in my psyche! You're an old soul, Cameron. 

Good read, and good listen.

Tape deck being cassette (trend-following faux hipster) or eight-track (authentic hipster)?


8 track; I like my songs interrupted by a track change :D


If you have the latest version of iTUNES 12.7 (available on 4/1) try this  option buried in the iTUNES menu if you really crave that eight-track sound:

Open iTUNES > File > Convert > Create MP3 file options > add sound effects > eight-track clunk  > at 10:00 on all tracks greater than 10:00

Note-If you don't select the final option ( at 10:00 on all tracks greater than 10:00)  iTUNES will randomly insert the eight-track clunk into every MP3 file independent of length.

OMG I had no idea. This is hilarious. Thanks for the heads up. :D

My Father-In Law is the authentic hipster in the family...he has an 8 track stereo player in his garage and all of my old 8 tracks (and a few of his own)...there is nothing like the sound of Carole King's "Tapestry" or Stephen Bishop's "Careless" on an 8 track player in a garage with great has to be careful not to lose know, start the car, then put down the garage door so you can hear better...

8 tracks were almost indistructible...he was playing "For Everyman" by Jackson Browne the last time I was over there...I bought that the day it came out, November 1973...