How To Do Magic: Songwriting Made Simple

Great article Rhett. 

There's a lot of wisdom in the sentence: "A good songwriter has strong instincts and trusts them." 

I'm sure those instincts are built up when we're in the process of writing those "bad songs" in the beginning. I think the best songwriters are those who stick around through that entire process--then trust that they've earned their instincts.



Librarians aren't nervous.  They are badasses.  That being said, come to my library and play.  That's Kearney Public Library, Kearney, NE.


Thanks for posting this gives a lot of insight into your can read Paul Zollo's books or anyone else's "manual" to songwriting, but you still have to figure it out for do it well is hard work...

surprisingly well thought out and explicated, Rhett. i'm part of the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange in NYC, and we've spent a couple of days talking/arguing about your column. interestingly a lot of what you say dovetails with Jack's original 'manifesto' of songwriting, which contains some hard truths about the work you have to put in. the headline, songwriting made simple, is pretty much the opposite of reality, and the opposite of what you say. very nicely done.