Humming House Wants You to Be Moved

Artist Humming House
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Great review Dustin. Man, you really describe them beautifully. I love this band. Whereas some Americana artists work (sometimes for me too) hard to convey some kind of (often stylized) rough and impenetrable "edge,"Humming House always hits me as "fresh air" - not simplistic, naive,  or immature, just full of straight-forward clarity, drive, and commitment to the audience's experience - 100% from start to finish. They're not in the house to educate you, impress you, bathe you in the glow of a songwriter's "misty wash," take you on  journey through emotional pain, or pin your ears to the wall with a massive beat. They're in the house to, as they say, "move you" - bodily, emotionally (ok, they're far-gone romantics), sometimes even spiritually (if beauty, freedom, and positive attitudes can be considered as spiritual). In short, they are completely who they are, and want to meet you on authentic shared ground. I strongly recommend the CD, but as you point out, you really "get" the CD if you go hear them live. 

Thanks for the kind words, John. Glad you enjoyed the piece. It sounds like you really get what makes this band special.  Intricate artistic complexity without pretention AND a true reverence for one's audience, these are rare characteristics in any area of the music industry. Thanks for your comment! 

I have not been able to get "Great Divide" out of my head since I started editing this story a couple weeks ago. Thanks a lot, man.

Dustin, what a fascinating article.

Humming House are new to me, so off I'll trot to check out their web-site and all things relating, as well as sourcing their music, which I look forward to with great anticipation.

This is what ND is all about, un-folding new talent and un-earthing the next generation of music. At first I thought, ugh! this article looks way too long, but once I started I was gripped and the time just flashed by.

So thank you for such a compelling and well written article that has inspired me to learn as much as a I can about Humming House

I agree Jack. I really think Dustin gets the genre right. The article is long, but written with the kind of prose that moves you along - and piques interest. Elegantly descriptive, without pandering or over-selling. ND needs to make sure to keep posting his stuff. 

Thanks again, John. See my note above about ND deserving much credit for editing away some of my worst excesses!

Thanks for the kind words, Jack. I really appreciate that. I must be honest, though - ND helped edit this piece down from an even longer version, and they definitely helped the flow and pacing. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece and, more importantly, that you're checking out a talented young band. THANKS!