An Imaginary Line From CSN to Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan & Sara Watkins

Funny, the CSN comparison hadn't even occurred to me, til you mentioned it. But makes perfect sense. And the juxtaposition of Laurel Canyon versus Brooklyn, is interesting. With its selection of artists and music communities, Brooklyn is a sort of Laurel Canyon of our current roots music scene. Good stuff.

I got to talk to all three of these ladies for a story for the print mag, and am really excited about what they're capable of achieving, musically, together. Time has lapsed since those conversations, so I'm sure their plans have evolved even further, but their version of "Be My Husband" is just absolutely stunning musicianship, made to look so simple and approachable. Unison singing ain't easy stuff, let's just put it at that. It's not easy when you're trying to unison sing with one person, but three together -- nailed so hard for the entire song, except for those tiny veerings into split-second harmony -- is just downright impressive. I could music-geek out all day about that track alone and reckon I'll be "fangirling out" when they play at FreshGrass in September.

Their set on the main stage at the Vancouver Folk Festival over the July 18 weekend was a highlight. The short set  was capped by a spectacular rendition of "Be My Husband".  A thrilling showstopper.  Great players, but it was their harmonines that simply took my breath away.  Looking forward to hearing more from them. 

Very touching article. Really liked your style with it, Ed.

Thanks Ed. Tremendous talents all three.

Great article - as usual - Ed.  These women gifted us with a standout set at last weekend's phenomenal Red Wing Roots Music Festival at Natural Chimneys, VA.  Those three distinctive voices & styles fit together like a well-crafted wine, blending into an extraordinary musical whole.  Truly amazing and memorabe.

I just witnessed an amazing set by these incredible musicians at the Red Wing Roots Festival in Virginia. I love CS&N, and their songwriting is some of the best ever. But for pure vocal and instrumental talent, these women are about as good as it can get. I love their sound and I hope they collaborate long and often.

I thought you might emjoy this if you have not seen it before, from this year's Celtic Connections where all 3 are already regular visitors. I was in the audience and the 3 are a delight performing together.


Thanks so much for that link Liz.