Joseph Alton Miller Premiers New Video, Helps Bring Sofar Sounds To Asbury Park, NJ

Photo by Sean McGlynn

The Jersey Shore area resident by way of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York's Joseph Alton Miller has delectably melded his god-given, soulful lyrical delivery with an almost hip-hop undertone. I can assimilate this as I refuse to spell 'premier' as 'premiere' if just as a shout out to DJ Premier of the almighty Gang Starr, but anyway... Miller's perfectly choppy chords on his acoustic guitar provide a vehicle with which to tell a story, but the beauty is, he sounds like Joseph Alton Miller, not anyone else. And the man can blow a harp with a fervor! No fancy outfit that he wouldn't don any given Tuesday, no costume or bullshit countrified effects, it's simply Joe Miller with guitar and song. For that reason, I've been noting Miller and his music for several years as a New Jersey resident myself. 

"Dude, Where's My Whiskey" is a story ballad with luscious harp solos and nearly seven minutes of cool. It's infectious, emotionally riveting, and just plain old originality is such a breath of fresh air in 2017. Miller's latest EP, Songs Of Travel For The Vagabond, is more of the same. A collection of songs written by a boy whilst becoming a man. Changing geographical locations, using the company of too many women and too much drink as a crutch, and the self-awareness to change that. Coming through the other end finds a devoted father and better yet, a father to a new baby girl. In many ways "Dude, Where's My Whiskey" tells that tale, the man used to vagabond and climb mountains, now it's being Dad and moving mountains.

Sofar Sounds NYC has been a perfect model for getting new singer/songwriters in front of a live audience in NYC. Many friends of mine have played that stage and the I commend the Sofar camp for the idea and of course, the execution. Miller has teamed up with another artist I've covered in the past, Francis Lombardi, to help bring Sofar Sounds to Asbury Park, NJ. A feat that warms my heart and primes my ears for what's to come. As for now, whet your innards with this luscious gem from Joseph Alton Miller and while you're at it, grab a copy of his EP. Support music, support originality, be a good person. I'll leave you with that parable on this beautiful St. Patrick's Day...Erin go Bragh!

Ladies and gents alike, I present to you, the video premier of "Dude, Where's My Whiskey?":