Kevin Gordon: Long Gone Time

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One of the best albums of the year!

Thanks Maeri for an excellent review. Anyone who finds this of interest should check out Hal Borgerd's great interview with the artist which is mentioned above. Based on that interview of an aritst I'd never heard of I bought both "Long Time Gone" and his 2012 release, "Gloryland," and my initial response is to prefer "Gloryland" but I admit I haven't yet digested either work completely. Still, I doubt he'll ever surpass his amazing song "Colfax" on "Gloryland."

One thing I apprecitaed in your review Maeri was printing some of his lyrics for I've had a hard time catching a lot of them and for a songwriter/poet like Gordon that is very important. I lament the fact that the lyrics aren't included with the CD. 

Thanks for the kind words Dennis. If you go to Kevin's Bandcamp page you can click on each song and read the lyrics. It is not the same as true liner notes on albums but it is better than nothing.

By the way, I could not make out one line from Cajun with a K after several listens so I searched for the lyrics and found the above mentioned link.

"How do you  make a living out of poetry, a payday from a plie?"

It sounded like "How do you  make a living out of poetry, played it from a PA" (to me) which made sense to me  when sung by a poet who makes a living playing  music but that was not what Kevin wrote/sang!


I would still be mystified with that lyric as I had never heard of the word "plie" (plee-a) but discovered from the dictionary that it's a ballet movement in which the knees are bent while the back is held straight. You'd think Kevin was a fucking poet or something!

This is a great article...I ordered one of his CD's last week after watching a video someone had posted...can't wait to get it...seems like a really thoughtful guy...not crazy about Hal and Dennis' assertion that it is hard to make out the lyrics, but I'll muddle through somehow...

Most of the lyrics are very easy to understand and it is probably more to do with my concert ravaged ears than Kevin's enunciation.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the disc Jim!

Here is an older song (and I'm sure you'll recognize the guest vocalist). Talk about credibility!


That's exactly my complaint Hal!!  I've been to too many concerts (I worked for GM for 25 years too, lot of dissonant noise on the shop floor, was supposed to wear hearing protection and I did some, but not all the time) and I don't hear well anymore...I had to get hearing aids a year or so ago...the first show I saw after was Sturgill Simpson, which was a revelation as I realized fully how bad my hearing had become...they help a lot with banter and lyrics at concerts, but it is not all you young whippersnappers out there...take care of your ears!!!!

Great song Hal...Lucinda...great harmonies...his delivery has a bit of Petty/Dylan to it...not much problem with the words here either...

Let me restate that...I haven't been to too many couldn't do that...but back in the rock days, my ears rang for a couple of days after Grand Funk Railroad (it was 1970, I was in high school, sorry) and Deep Purple...and a couple of others were punishing as well...took it's toll...

I readily admit that it is my own hearing that makes some of his lyrics hard to understand and nothing intrinsic to Gordon's singing. I have hearing problems too and find movie dialogue hard to follow and some young people talk so fast it sounds like gibberish. But I still wih the lyrics came with the CD. However, I realize that Mr. Gordon is not recording for a major label that will pick up such costs and sells his CDs through his own website. At least when I checked several record stores that have extensive inventories neither had anything by Kevin Gordon which is sad in itself for such an impressive artist.

Very thorough review!  I will have to check him out.

Long Gone Time is one of my favorites this year.  With most I listen more for the sounds than anything else, with him it's definitely the words and sounds.  Cerebral, observant guy.  Really good guitarist too, which needs to be said.  Always a treat live, catching his show this Friday.  

Nice write up, Maeri!

This is what I love about this site. I read an article like this and it gets my attention and then I go and do some listening. I was absolutely blown away by Kevin Gordon's music. The Music Fog videos that are on YouTube are just incredible. I am just about to purchase both Long Gone Time and Gloryland. Thanks for drawing my attention to him.