The Krickets Shine Through the Fog With Their Folk Sirens

When all goes quiet we can hear the voices.  Between our eyes and ears are the voices of our parents, our siblings and our friends, and the voices of the memories that live and grow inside us. These voices guide us when we are lost, when we have fallen, and lift us like the wind when the skies are blue. By channeling the voices that echo from the deepest trenches of our minds, The Krickets send chills down your spine and lift you sky high on their debut album Spanish Moss Sirens.

With a hint of Allison Kraus, the Krickets new studio album boasts 10 elegant and transcendent tracks that exemplify what it means to be a modern day folk group. The album is produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes, and binds itself in a swamp folk feel that is grounded in maturity. Near the beginning of the album, the title track “Song of the Spanish Moss Sirens” elicits a cry of nostalgia that is deeply rooted in a pure and balanced harmonic resonance.

The groups instrumentation and chilling vocals both cut like a knife in down tempo pieces such as “Sweet Home“, and send you dancing like the child you once were in the song “Guinevere”.

In May, Spanish Moss Sirens was released to rave reviews by critics and shot up to the number one position on the Amazon folk charts.  Since then, the all female group has made massive waves on the folk scene with their charming, and nostalgic flow of melodies, lyrics, and strings that stream together seamlessly. In their first studio album, they sing about their roots, love, and loss and even embrace a gospel side in their cover of the timeless hymn  “Will the Circle be Unbroken.”

Whether you have hit the bottom, or are standing as tall as an Oak Tree, The Krickets Spanish Moss Sirens is sure to quell your fears and give you a little more joy along the way.

Artist The Krickets