Let Freedom Sing: A Change Is Trying to Come

Good Rockin' Tonight was not Elvis' first record.

Three of us got it wrong, then. Thanks for the correction.

  • Sun 209—July 19, 1954: That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky
  • Sun 210—September 25, 1954: Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

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Now, I don't know the words to that song Louie, 
Louie and I'm pretty sure the singer for the 
Kingsmen didn't know ‘em either, 
If he did know ‘em he didn't get ‘em right on the record 
Cause on the record they sound jumbled in his jaw? It says, 
Me think of me girl oh so constantly
Ahmayaaah makaaaah aahh ooohoooh aaaaah
Well, that last part scared everybody from the PTA to the FBI
You see, the kids had been going kind of crazy lately 
And it seemed like nobody could figure out why, 
So they decided to form a coalition, 
Launch an investigation, you know for the children, they at                                                                                                                   least had to try to figure out the words to Louie, Louie 

lyrics by Todd Snider

Leave it to Snider!

>Bob Dylan is another example — an icon of free speech who has never suffered significant censorship challenges. And that's the way it should be.”


When Bob Dylan sang of Christian extremists he was refused on the Ed Sullivan Show. Surely a significant censorship?


Not to put words in his mouth, I think Paulson probably doesn't view one instance as "significant" -- just like with Cash. Notable, to be sure. But it wasn't persistent, I guess, was his point.