The Long, Lonesome Highway of Hank Williams

Artist Hank Williams
Other tags The Grand Ole Opry

  Great article, Terry - thanks for sharing.  It's truly amazing how a person who lived such a short life could have such a lasting influence on not only country music, but music of many genres.

Thanks for reading Jerre!  Yes...Hank remains a genre bender 60 years after his passing...

Well written Terry Roland. No one will ever come close of a impact as the one Hank left.

I'm so grateful for Terry Roland's deeply meaningful look at Hank Williams music and legacy. It is an extraordinarily insightful glimpse into Hank's soul and his sorrow, his beautiful music, and his physical pain and emotional anguish. I'm sending this article out to my friends because it captures so well not only the wild times of Hank's tumultuous life and constant physical pain, but also (and especially), his deeply felt faith. Your last paragraph is beautiful. At present, I'm immersed in Hank's spiritual and moral parables and he sings those faith-based songs with such a depth of conviction and emotion. Yes, Hank was a masterful songwriter, but he was even more than that -- he was a singer with a heart full of sorrow and compassion, an old soul with an incredibly important spiritual message for us.

Thank you Terry. I am honored by your insightful response and for your desire to share this articles with others. Thank you for the reminder of how important Hank's spirituality continues to be to us all.