A Long Time Coming

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams' "Debut"

This my article of the year. You captured them extremely well. If I were not already a fan, I'd run out and get all their records. Thanks, Henry.

henry great review and you totally captured the feel these two have for each other - i think the first words out of my mouth when i got this disc (and in my review) were something to the effect of what took so damn long - to me it was a natural fit - she is a singer with that natural feel for a song and the passions within it and can highlight them and bring them out with her voice - and larry does it with his playing, always finding the perfect way to shine the light on teresa's voice and phrasing to highlight the song - just saw amos' comments and i have to say i agree - and if you get a chance to see them - just hold on tight because they will carry you to further shores - i saw them open for jackson browne and he was very good but the audience was absolutely crazy for them - the love and respect between them can be felt in the audience -  

bob gottlieb

Really great review Henry.  You made me want to get the record immediately, and I did...

Henry...I just got the record yesterday...I've already played it it.  Thanks again!

Thanks for this great article.  This album was in my top five for the year.

Henry -

Thanks for this lovely, heartfelt review. This was definitely one of my favorite albums of 2015. I also had the pleasure of seeing them live with their amazing band. I hope this helps spread the word about Larry and Teresa.