Looking Back at 15 Top Releases of 2016

This was a banner year for new releases, as the Americana pool was flooded with wonderful releases that really had us diving in. There were a steady amount of eclectic and intense releases that caught the attention of listeners; driving old favorites and new favorites home. Newcomers like Paulo Franco who released a star-filled album and old-steadies The Avett Brothers impressed again. Here is a list that had Americana fans on the edge of their seats this year...hopefully 2017 will hold up just as well!


1. The Avett Brothers - True Sadness

2. Paulo Franco - The Last Card

3. Sara Watkins - Young in All the Wrong Ways

4. Vexine - Little Sin

5. BJ Barham - Rockingham

6.  Don DiLego - Magnificent Ram A

7. Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide to Earth

8. Drive-By Truckers - American Band
9. Carolyn Sills Combo- Dime Stores Vol. 2

10. Loretta Lynn - Full Circle

11. Carl Anderson  - Risk of Loss

12. Margo Price - Midwest Father's Daughter

13. Vince Gill - Down to My Last Bad Habit

14. Dori Freeman - Dori Freeman

15. Luke Bell - Luke Bell