Luluc: A Life in Many Movements

I love Luluc. Thank you for the introduction, Mr. Blackstock.

It is indeed fitting for Mr. Blackstock to open up. Mr. Alden sounds a busy man, but it'd be nice to read something from him as well.  Kim and Kyla will still write pieces , right? And Easy Ed ain't goin' nowhere.... or others.  So the site; it's a bit different, but the spirit is starting out well. Peter never could say "I love this band" without telling us why, when, where,  in enough detail that he makes you listen to the band with serious intent. In hope of loving the music as much as he. Very glad I've been turned on to Luluc. Thank you sir.

Oh man, I love this.  Really liking this longer feature article format.

Passerby is on it's way to me.  Off to search for the other.

I heard Gillian Welch & David Rawlings do a lovely version of "Snowin' on Raton" at a TVZ tribute hosted by Vin Scelsa in New York in the months after Townes' death.  But my favourite reading of a Townes song is this:

Tecumseh Valley

Great to be reading you again in the pages of ND Peter, and thanks for the intro to Luluc.