Michael Mazochi Brings On "The Cold War"

Michael Mazochi Ships Out with "The Cold War"

Michael Mazochi is a modern musical treasure if you will. The highly acclaimed singer-songwriter who often spends his time playing in The Von Furs, has just released his first solo album in 10-years, titled The Cold War. Putting a unique an stunning twist on the Americana-Folk genre, Mazochi creates a sound that is all his own on this latest release.

The first single from the record struck a chord with me; the brilliant and noteworthy piece "World in Pieces." This is just a taste of what Mazochi has to offer on the album. Crooners such as "If I Go Blind" resonates a bit of Ryan Adams-esque tone, while heartbreakers such as "The Lucky Ones" bring a dose of acoustic rendezvous into the album; stunningly beautiful.  "Because It's Love," shows a lighter side of the record with swirling guitars, Mazochi's phenomenal vocals (accompanied by vibrant background vocals), and an upbeat tempo that gives the record a whole different flavor.

On the record, Mazochi recorded and played most of the instruments, which created a true labor of love. The pieces range from classic Folk and Country, to straight up Indie and Rock n' Roll. The passion in his playing, instrumentation and lyrics shine through with every piece; every listen. 

The Cold War is out today, April 8th, and is a must have in any music lovers collection.

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