Neil Young Stands Up

Classic Neil.......but how does spending $400 on an electronic device to get marginally better sound quality help "Save the Earth"? 

...or his love affair with the no. 1 item that has caused the most environmental destruction over the past century (the automobile, esp the old ones he loves), whether or not Neil "the scientist" is working on something better. I love Neil, but c'mon.

I don't think Neil has ever worried too much about consistency.  Can't actually say I blame him, although I'd be even less concerned if some of his hobbyhorses (e.g. the Pono) weren't just so obviously a cash-grab scam.

Well, As Richie Furay told me in an interview following the Buffalo Springfiled reunion and then un-reunion-after Neil abruptly and all-too predictably canceled the planed nationwide 30-city-tour, "Neil is Neil; you just gotta love him."  

I read somewhere that the Pono is a smart device and if  you try and charge it with electricity generated from fossil fuels you receive an error message "Buy Solar".  But for only $200 you can buy a Neil Young approved solar "ponar charger". Rumor has it you can bypass this issue if you plug your Pono directly  into a car charger via the car power outlet (aka cigarette lighter) and charge it while you drive.  Put the top down. Feel the wind in your hair. Your mileage may vary.

Curious that if for the track he recorded with the 92-piece orchestra and choir, if they all got to the session by walking, on a bike, trolley, roller skates, horse, scooter or maybe an electric car. But at least he acknowledges in the book his inconsistencies. It's what separates him, however slightly,  from Bono. 

its easy to tout alternatives when you are rich. most of us are working so hard trying to eke out a living that we have not  got the means to  afford alternatives.

I echo similar comments about the hypcorisy. He's been known to fly private jets to gigs (the worst polluters) and have personally witnessed his many tour buses idling away for the full concert. Stick to the music Neil, and try starting with you.



I'm a big Neil Young fan, indeed I consider him one of the Holy Trinity of pop music. (Dylan the Father and Van Morrison the Holy Spirit being the other two) but I must say I agree with what everyone else has said so far. It seems especially contradictory to be releasing a book abut his love affair with cars and writing a song urging everyone to stop using fossile fuels. I also confess I stopped reading his autobiography out of boredom. I wanted to hear about the music and instead he kept getting sidetracked about cars and model trains. But when he did write about the music and his history pursuing it I found it fascinating so will undoubtedly get back to it. Jimmy McDonough's biography "Shakey" was so interesting it was hard to put down but it was filled with the author's frustration in dealing with Neil.  A complicated artist to say the least.