Newcomer Lexie Rose makes 'Wrong" seem right

Photo by Sarvey T. Rector

This post was originally published on Indie Voice Blog.

Lexie Rose is a young lady with a killer voice.  She made her live debut at the tender age of 13.   Now 17 and on the verge of releasing her debut EP, she has released an amazing first single, which we predict will be a huge hit on radio stations nationwide.

“Wrong” is a stand-out Americana/pop masterpiece featuring the sweet voice of Rose singing some hard-hitting lyrics that belie her young age.  The song is upbeat and radio ready, and makes this reviewer look forward to the opportunity to see her perform it live.  Her music evokes comparison to Fiona Apple and Martina McBride, with a little Lana Del Rey thrown in for good measure.  The melody is memorable and the chorus of “I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong,” will have everyone relating to the song.

“Listeners can find what they want in them,” she says.  “Like a lot of young songwriters, I’ve been on an extended circuit these past few years co-writing with many others,” Rose says. “The songs I want to sing are those I write about myself, reflecting my own life experiences and worldview. I always want my work to be personal yet universal, and relatable to anyone.”

Rose has become something of a favorite on the LA club scene, which she entered four years ago.  She regularly plays such hip joints as The Hotel Café, Genghis Cohen, the Hi Hat and The Troubadour, and recently performed at The Peppermint Club.  In addition to her solo and band shows, she also plays keyboards and acoustic guitar in her brother’s alt-rock band, Night Talks.  She is exactly what this industry needs, an artist that is staying true to her style and her soul, with her heartfelt lyrics.

“I love the time I spend songwriting,” she says, “but there’s nothing more enjoyable for me than playing live and feeding off the audience’s energy in those moments when they truly connect with my songs.  It’s also a mind blowing experience to be in the studio and be part of the process as a song that started in a raw, simple form comes to life as a full blown production.  After writing and recording material for so long, I’m really excited about finally having the opportunity to officially release my music and share it with a wider audience than ever before.”

We look forward to hearing what Rose and her producer, Max Allyn, have cooked up for her EP.  In the meantime, enjoy this first taste in her single, “Wrong.”  As the old song goes, “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”  We await the release of her EP with baited breath.

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