No Depression Print Journal, Spring 2016 Edition

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Too bad USPS went up skyhigh, I'd have to add $100 p&p to the subscription I would've taken. Sorry about that!


Yes, international shipping rates are really high, unfortunately. That's the rate they charge us. We don't have the volume or cost structure to get an international distribution deal, so we have to ship them individually ourselves, which is why the cost is so high. In the US, we can ship at media mail rate, but international orders don't give us that option. We think it's crazy-high too, but have not found a better option yet, unfortunately. 

Glad to see it is a quarterly now...looking forward to it Kim!

I too would have loved to subscribe but just short of $100 for shipping! I know it's not the fault of ND but surely there must be a cheaper way.

When I buy a book here in the UK from Amazon marketplace, even if the book price is as low as $1 the postage is $2 from a seller in the USA.

Could you not do an online version?

Anyhow thanks and keep up the good work Kim.



Thanks Richard, and sorry again about international shipping rates, not that I can claim responsibility for the USPS. Alas. My hope is that demand will increase until it becomes feasible to work with an international distributor. This is only the second time out for this new print run of this publication, so there's time. I do hope you'll order a copy and enjoy it. It's a beautiful publication (yes, I'm biased, but...).

There are a number of reasons that an online version is not in the plans. Aside from the time, money, and workerpower it would take (and our six-person staff), the primary point of the print journal is that, well, it's not digital. Consider that, once you add shipping, you're paying about $2.50 per story. By that math, it's not an awful deal, right? 

Hi Kim

I essentially stopped buying anything direct from the USA once the USPS international postage rates went sky high.The exchange rate change was never a determining factor.I now buy mainly from Canadian,Japanese and European sources.

I enjoyed the debut print issue of the new No Depression but is doubtful I will buy any further issues.

Maybe a Chapters-Indigo distribution in Canada?






Hi Kim,

Great news about the big reduction in the international shipping rate. Like those below I had given up on the print edition (very reluctantly) due to the postage. I've subscribed to all four and am eagerly anticipating the Spring edition.  A big thank you.

All the best.







We've been working on this a while, and I'm so glad we finally got there. I hope you enjoy the Spring edition (and all the others to come)! 

 I will, because it's arrived already; that's fast work. Thanks.

Hey Kim

Great news about the international shipping rate.I just ordered the Spring 2016 issue.Thanks.