Now That Our Subscription Drive Is Over

A letter from the editor about what's ahead here at ND

Artist No Depression

Could you clarify the non-profit status of No Depression?

"After years of evolutions and growth, we found ourselves earlier this year in a serious reality check. Companies of any kind have to make a profit to survive, and ND has struggled to do that for almost a decade. "

As of the beginning of this year, ND is operated by a 501c3 nonprofit organization called the FreshGrass Foundation. That doesn't mean that it has an endless cashflow and can exist forever while continuing to lose money. It means that whatever profit it turns, the money goes back into the foundation to support its giving programs, which include grants and commissions for musicians and other activities that support the roots music community. Everyone who works here has to make a living, even though we work for a nonprofit organization. We also need to cover the costs of running the website and printing the journal. Thus far, we've been set up to have those costs covered via display ads on the website and sales/subscriptions to the quarterly journal. The reality check I referred to is having to admit that we could no longer exist if our expenses were not being covered; we had to increase sales/subscriptions or allow the foundation to close the publication and move on to things that will support its giving programs.  

Hello Kim,

Good news on subscription drive, it seems. I have a community article I've been holding onto until the drive is over. It's a Front Country interview. I read that post-subscription there will no longer be feature pieces like this one? Any advice or clarification?


Thanks Ed, and yes, to answer your question: Our journal exists to tell stories in longform, so continuing to publish separate features on the website makes it less cleaer why we're existing in print. As I mentioned in this update, if you want to contribute a longer article to ND, please pitch it to me via email.