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On top of the world (or close)

This is a fascinating article that has me very interested in the upcoming book. It solved a mystery for me as I have been wondering who Rolly Salley is ever since hearing his "Killing the Blues" on a John Prine record but didn't recognize the name. Chris Isaaks's bassist is the last place I would have thought of.

As a born-again atheist (I was raised consevative Protestant) I find it curious I am very attracted to musical artists who I've gathered are some sort of Christian even though they don't proselytize much in their music--artists like Tonio K., Peter Case and T-Bone Burnett. I have been curious how much Burnett had to do with leading Dylan "astray" into evangelical Christianity but since Burnett doesn't preach I wasn't sure if he had much to do with it. Perhaps the book will tell me more about his own beliefs and any such influence.

I love almost every album I've heard that T-Bone produced so believe he is certainly one of the great producers of our time and, from things mentioned in this article, possibly even more than that. As far as his own recordings go I like his early stuff, admired '87's "The Talking Animal," loved '92's  "The Criminal Under My Own Hat," but hated "The True-False Identity" which I found unlistenable.

I have loved T-Bone's own recordings for many years, going back to the 70's with J. Henry Burnett and the B52 Band, to the Alpha Band records, to the great solo albums of the 80's. I had the great fortune to see T-bone solo at the original 930 Club in DC in the early 80s.  He might have been uncomfortable on the inside, but on the outside he was a great  entertainer. T-bone brought a boom box with him out on the stage, and explained he had just seen Bananarama on American Bandstand. Said he wanted to practice for his big day on Bandstand, and he proceeded to lip-sync one of his own songs. T-Bone also used the boom box to have the audience sing to him. Twist and Shout if I remember right. Can't wait for the book.

Really interesting; makes me want to get the book, which I was ambivalent about before.  On the pull quote -- the article attributes it to Robert Plant, but the pull quote gives it to T-Bone. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have fixed the attribution.