Peter Kasen, Can We Be Your "Co-Pilot"?

The remarkable talent known as Peter Kasen is back in action with his latest single, "Co-Pilot." It has been quite a while since we have heard any new material from the acclaimed singer-songwriter, and 2016 unveils a breath of fresh air for the musician. Accolades that have caused great success over the years, have surely carried on within his newest piece.

Kasen's voice recalls the likes of Conor Oberst, with a bit of an edge and a dose of Pop sensibility. "Co-Pilot," showcases the intellect of Kasen's lyrics, and the depth of his songwriting abilities. His tightly focused songwriting path has brought him to stages across the world, garnering a fanbase of truly devoted fans and listeners.

Kasen wears his heart on his sleeve, with "Co-Pilot," telling a very deep and personal story.

"I was at a point in my life where Miami had taken its toll on me, the fork in the road syndrome if you will. Dreams vs. Security and Society's way of pulling us all in. The debate internally between these two different lives has been, and still currently exists in my life. It has followed me. "Co-Pilot" is my reclamation to the world that I will always be a full time songwriter. Music is my "Co-Pilot" and always will be," says Kasen...and we are certainly glad to have him where be belongs; in our ears and our hearts.


Artist Peter Kasen