PREMIERE: Young Valley -- "Til I Cross Your Mind"

Young Valley is one of those bands that makes you excited about discovering new music. They've hit on a formula that's tried and true: strong harmonies and a solid, Midwestern rock beat with an energy that makes you feel like you've never heard it before. "'Til I Cross Your Mind's" lilting melody is equal parts fun, nostalgic, and spiteful. You wouldn't know it was off the cuff, but according to the band's drummer and singer-songwriter Spencer Thomas, "This song was one of those 'fall into your lap' kind of tunes. I was struggling with a past relationship I believed was worth fighting for. After a text conversation confirming that she did not feel the same, I wrapped up all the words I couldn't properly communicate into 'Til I Cross Your Mind' and moved on." The band handles these complex emotions with a breathtaking confidence, creating a song that is equal parts poignant and cathartic.

Young Valley's self-titled album will be available April 20th on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers / The Dexateens) and engineer/producer Bronson Tew's new label imprint Dial Back Sound. Click here to pre-order all formats.


Mar 20 - The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN

Mar 24 - The Nick - Birmingham, AL

Apr 20 - Duling Hall - Jackson, MS (additional dates to be announced soon)