Record Store Day 2018: ND Staff Picks

Please excuse my cycnicism, but what is the point of this article?

Most of us stand little to no chance of getting hold of anything listed above - indeed giving that little bit of extra publicity to all those items will probably nudge a few more of the Ebay people who have no interest in music towards another area of exploitation, safe in the knowledge there is a market for these items too. They do like the idea of exploiting music lovers' desires by buying as many items as they can and then gouging the people who don't/can't get in line as early as them.

Because of the exploitation of us music lovers, I have no interest in Record Store Day. I do have an interest in the few record stores that remain for the remaining 364 days of the year.

Quick note on the exploitation by/of some:  I bought an RSD Led Zepp 45 rpm  today for under 10 bucks.  I was on Amazon later in the day and saw the exact same thing already available for.....$59.00!!

Y'all *DO* realize that Son Volt's OKEMAH AND THE MELODY OF RIOT is a Record Store Day 2018 release, yeah?

You know...Son Volt?

Remember them? They're the and who graced the INAUGURAL COVER OF YOUR PUBLICATION!?!?

Don't look behind you, but that is a shark you just jumped...

Hey Caleb - - keep an eye on the RSD price for that Son Volt.  I realize that RSD is meant to benefit local record stores, but some of the prices on past RSD releases have been pretty obscene.  I have no idea what the RSD price on the 'Okemah' vinyl will be tomorrow, but Amazon is already advertising that it'll sell the same thing starting next Saturday for $31.95.  I've got Okemah (in several versions) on CD so I'll pass on this one, but Happy Hunting!

My RSD pick-ups:

Albums: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit: Live at Twist & Shout (11/16/07); and The Beginning of the End: The Existential Psychodrama in Country Music (1956-1972).   45's: Trampled By Turtles: Wildflowers (Tom Petty cover) b/w Life Is Good on the Open Road; and Led Zepp: Rock and Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) b/w Friends (Olympic Studios Mix).   Tried to keep it around 50 bucks.