The Rightly So Make the Perfect Summer Soundtrack on New Release

There’s music and then there’s music; sounds that make your day better, soundtracks that turn to life changing records and the artists that make those soundtracks, are the epitome of vulnerable beauty.  The Rightly So, are the definitive of that greatness; and their latest self-titled release proves it instantly.


Lead track “Crash This Car,” is an honest look at life and the struggles we face each day. The opening line, “it’s hard to slow down when your spinning your wheels,” is the story of so many right now, it’s relatable and although it speaks of the struggling masses, it’s beautiful. The song is orchestrated well, with very little instrumentation but a beautiful guitar strumming throughout.

Other key tracks on the record include the enticing "Brush Fire," and "China Plates" which became instant favorites of mine upon first listen. "In The Line of Fire," proves to be the perfect closing track that drives the album home; capturing the essence of The Rightly So.
The duo complements one another vocally so effortlessly, their sound transcends past the genre label of “folk,” and delves into soul with each beautifully relayed melody. Throughout the record, the vocal arrangements are flawless and passionate. The album is full without a bunch of filler instrumentation, it’s a talent based hit which deserves to be heard by the masses. 


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