Roger Miller: Roller Skating in a Buffalo Herd

I love that line,"Did Picasso co-paint?" Co-writing being one of the reasons why most of the music coming out of Nashville has become dismissable and unlistenable.

My wife and I saw "Big River" twice. We liked it so much the first time, we went for seconds. As good a musical as I've ever seen/heard...

An excellent essay.

And thanks for tip on "Finnegan's Wake". It works. Way back in the day when I and the rest of the class was struggling with Chaucer,  the instructor (a Brit) said, "Read it aloud as it's spelled." It works...

i love the Dwight Yoakum/Roger Miller song "It only Hurts Me When I Cry".......Dwight's version is perfect....George Guttler

The idea expressed here that Roger Miller was a natural kiddie-show entertainer would probably have earned you scorn or maybe a punch in the teeth from him.  Chicago TV kid show host Jack Mulqueen recalled his encounter with Miller in the book "The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television" by Mulqueen and Ted Okuda:

"So when he walked into the studio and saw our set, he yelled 'NO!'  But I held up his signed contract and told him he was obligated.  He yelled, 'You get one song!  JUST ONE!!'  He performed 'England Swings' with a scowl on his face.  I remember he was out of the studio before the record even finished."  (Mulqueen's musical guests lip-synched to their records.)

By all accounts, Roger Miller was an egomaniacal jerk.  (But he sure wrote some good songs...)