Sir Canyon Announces 'Ventura Skies,' Premieres "Golden Days"

LA-based songwriter Sir Canyon (Noah Lamberth), who previously played pedal steel with Katy Perry and shared stages with Willie, Dierks, Brad Paisley, and more, is gearing up for the release of his new project, Ventura Skies, on March 2nd.

Ventura Skies is an unexpected return from a songwriter who just a few years ago thought he might never make another album again, but a romantic breakup and the death of his father to cancer coaxed music out of Lamberth as he dealt with loss & hurt. “The best way to deal with the pain is to verbalize it. But for me that comes out in song. It’s kind of like therapy. The songs started pouring out of me.”

A cinematic album, Ventura Skies, transports the listener to the spacious landscapes of Southern California, inspired both by the location where the album was recorded as well as artists such as Glen Campbell, The Beach Boys, Gram Parsons, and Buck Owens.

Today, Sir Canyon shares one of the album’s tracks, “Golden Days,” which Lamberth says he began thirteen years ago with the intro/riff and some of the chords, and never finished until right before it was recorded last year, noting, “It’s funny how those old ideas can still work if you’re willing to give them another chance.”

A moody, contemplative folk-rock track drenched in reverb, pedal steel, and echoing baritone guitars, “Golden Days” merges the feel of a western with a lush, layered sonic landscape that nods to the past while being undeniably original – something Lamberth intended. “Believe it or not the intro/riff for Golden Days is very Radiohead influenced. The riff is the first thing I wrote for the song and it’s probably my attempt at trying to write something that sounds like them.  I wanted the rest of song to be kind of like a Glen Campbell song, with strings, Tele’s, and lush background vocals. Not sure if we were successful or not but we’re really happy with how the song turned out!”

The meditative-like musical landscape drives home the theme of the song, which reflects on appreciating life as one ages. Lamberth relays the story behind the tune, “I always say we’re only “golden” for a brief period of our lives and I wrote, "Golden Days" with this thought in mind.  When we’re younger we seem to think life will never change and things will stay the same forever but it’s just not the case. LA thrives on youthful energy which can be great but it’s not reality and when reality comes knocking it can be brutal. I remember always seeing a guy at a coffee shop who was getting up there in age but never seemed to quit living in his golden days and to be honest, it was a bummer to watch. I hope I was wrong about him but there are so many people who live that way. Life is a gift and I don’t want to squander my “Golden Days.” I sound like an old man, ha.” 

Enjoy the track above and for all the information visit HERE