Son Volt Honors the Blues, Nick Drake, and St. Louis on Latest Record

Bandleader Jay Farrar talks Uncle Tupelo, history, and blues guitar greats.

Seeing Son Volt in April at the Bowery Ball room in NYC.  Never seen them.  Really looking forward to it.

Happy to read that Farrar and Tweedy are communicating, if only by email.  I think Farrar is right in stating there are bigger things to attend to than whatever differences the two of them have had.  At any rate, they always seemed to be on the same page politically, and now at least they've got a common enemy in the current administration.    

Really good interview Lee...hadn't had a chance to read it till just now..."Trace"...such a great record...they set such a high standard out of the gate...interesting the new record is referencing on some level the Blues and Nick Drake...not an obvious link, but it is obvious Jay did his homework...

 "You helped make that turn from the Burritos and the Byrds and into the modern music we call Americana today."

I enjoyed the interview but (and Jay politely corrected you) there were many many bands mining/panning the Americana (even if it hadn't been labled as such) music vein during the nearly two decade gap between Gram Parsons and Uncle Tupelo.